USC Media, Former Players, Fans React to Penn State Sanction Reductions On Twitter


This summer USC’s NCAA sanctions ended and following this season, the Trojans will be allowed to field a full team of scholarship players and sign a full recruiting class for the first time since 2012.

Of course, that doesn’t stop the world from talking about those sanctions and the NCAA has given plenty of opportunities for the Trojans’ punishment to become the topic of the day as compared to penalties for other teams around the nation.

Monday, the discussion started all over again as the NCAA announced that Penn State’s sanctions for harboring and enabling assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, a now-convicted child molester, have been lifted. Effective immediately, Penn State will be eligible for postseason play and beginning next year they will have their full compliment of scholarships restored.

Needless to say, those connected to USC on social media had more than a little to say, with widely ranging opinions: