Anthony Brown Calls Steve Sarkisian Racist, Players Defend Head Coach on Twitter


When it rains, it pours. Just when it looked like the Josh Shaw situation might be calming down, another veteran Trojan made headlines Thursday with explosive accusations against USC head coach Steve Sarkisian. Redshirt senior Anthony Brown quit the team this morning, but did not leave quietly, saying on multiple social media platforms that he “could not play for a racist.”

In an Instagram post which has since been deleted, Brown lobbed further bombs at Sarkisian saying, “Sark treated me like a slave in his office.”

Brown, who has played cornerback since arriving at USC in 2010, made the switch to running back this offseason. His injury history seemed to catch up to him once more however as he missed most of fall camp while struggling to get back to full fitness.

Sarkisian announced Brown’s decision to quit during his media session this morning and express shock at Browns allegations.

"“As far as what [Brown] said on Twitter, I think it’s ridiculous,” Sarkisian said. “Any of you guys that know me and if you ask anybody in our building, any of our players — feel free to — that’s about the furthest thing from the truth. Quite honestly, I’m shocked.” (Via ESPN Pac-12 Blog)"

This time around, in a noticeably different response to the Shaw situation earlier this week, current and former players immediately rallied behind Sarkisian and vouched for his character.