The Trojan Family Remembers Louis Zamperini


Louis Zamperini was everything you would hope a person could be. Not only was he an Olympian, a war hero and a Trojan, but a walking inspiration and an American icon in overcoming adversity.

Zamperini was a two-time national champion at USC as a long-distance runner, served as a roommate with Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, met Adolf Hitler upon the fuehrer’s request, survived a plane crash in World War II, stayed alive for 47 days in the middle of the ocean on a raft, was held captive as a prisoner of war and yet was so much more.

The epitome of a fighter and the subject of the book and film Unbroken, Zamperini persevered through perhaps one of the most stressful and unimaginable lives we’ll ever hear about, and did it to the tune of 97 years, with a smile on his face and unwavering spirit and peace of mind.

Zamperini passed on Wednesday night from pneumonia, and leaves behind an incredible legacy.

His name adorns countless memorials, monuments, a plaza and an airport, to which his memory will always be present in our hearts and community.

Allows us to join in unity with the Trojan Family in remembering and honoring the great Louis Zamperini.