USC Morning Links: Ranking the 2004 Trojans, Visiting North Korea and Other News


Ranking the 16 BCS national champions(Paul Myerberg | USA Today)

"3. 2004 USC (13-0): The Trojans delivered on their preseason expectations by going a perfect 13-0, ending the year with a 55-19 win against Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. This was the best team of the Pete Carroll era, which speaks volumes"

USC’s Sarkisian: ‘We are not a spread offense’(Rahshaun Haylock | FOX Sports)

"New USC head coach Steve Sarkisian wanted to set the record straight while making his first appearance on “Trojans Live” Tuesday night. “We are not a spread offense,” Sarkisian said on the radio show. The first year Trojans head coach says the offense he brings with him from Seattle is “in essence” a pro-style system “in an uptempo fashion.” The tempo relates to what has become customary in college football. Offenses are moving faster and faster, leaving defenses at a huge disadvantage."

Cody Kessler Says Team Still Hopeful for Orgeron’s Return(Shotgun Spratling | Conquest Chronicles)

"At around the 6-minute mark, Kessler talks about how he texted with Orgeron on Christmas and how many players on the team are still hopeful that Orgeron may return to USC, presumably as the team’s defensive line coach."

USC’s Jerry Dupree Joins Dennis Rodman in North Korea(Seth Rubinriot | Galen Central)

"Former USC basketball player Jerry Dupree has landed in North Korea, where he is joining Dennis Rodman’s caravan to play in a basketball game on dictator’s Kim Jong Un’s 31st birthday. Dupree, who is best known for playing in the preseason with the Los Angeles Lakers and for his athletic dunks on the And1 Streetball Tour, is the founder and CEO of B.O.O.K Clothing."

2013 Season Review: USC(Kevin Gemmell | ESPN’s Pac-12 Blog)

"Few teams in college football history had to endure the kind of internal drama that USC faced this year. And to come out on the other end up – ranked in the Top 25 and winning a bowl game over a ranked team – speaks to the character of the seniors and the job Orgeron did in relief. But it wasn’t all peaches. While the Trojans did score a huge win over Stanford, they still lost to Notre Dame and UCLA – a couple of big no-nos with the fans, die-hard and casual alike. Firing a coach midseason usually means throwing up a white flag. So we certainly give credit where credit is due. The Trojans fought hard."

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