CB Kevon Seymour Has Eyes On For Season Opener


Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast has taken the bull by the horns this season, transforming his defense into a raging fire ready to combust into greatness. Blessed with a strong defensive line, an experienced linebacking corps and a physical secondary, the defense is locked and loaded for an outstanding campaign across the line of scrimmage.

Mar 5, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Southern California Trojans cornerback Kevon Seymour (23) catches a pass at spring practice at Howard Jones Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest pieces of that puzzle is sophomore Kevon Seymour, an emerging talent that is one the Trojans’ best cover corners. Entering his second season, the Southern California native (Pasadena, CA) embraces the opportunity to suit up with the Cardinal and Gold.

“I love it. thats what I live for,” said the Muir High alum. “Camp can be a grind but then again, we having fun together.”

Playing as a backup cornerback and special teams player as a first-year freshman, Seymour bounced in and out of the lineup. Now healthy and ready to go this Fall, Seymour looks forward to utilizing his potential to the greatest degree.

“Playing full speed and fast is the best feeling ever,” Seymour said in the midst of a strong opening act to Fall Camp.

His much-improved play is even beginning to catch the eye of defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

“He continues to improve on a daily basis, and is showing a tremendous combination of speed and awareness in coverage,” Pendergast said, sentiments that extend over to the player-coach dynamic on the practice field.

“Clancy is putting us in great position to succeed,” Seymour said about playing in the 5-2 defensive scheme. “We know [what] we’re doing and we know our assignment and we know each other’s assignment, which is a plus for us.”

Seymour remains excited for the growing propositions that surround the Trojans’ star-studded defense. “We still have a lot to work on, but we are pretty much ready. We are not there, but we are getting there,” Seymour said, as the team inches closer to the season opener in Honolulu on Aug. 29.

In the midst of two-a-day practices, the USC defense continues to work on fundamental skills that will translate to game situations. “I love coming out here and playing [along]side like everyone is our brother,” Seymour said, adding that camp “is a grind, but then again we all having fun together.” Despite the proposition of 18-straight days of practice, Seymour embraces the challenge of stifling an offense on a daily basis.

The biggest development in his game lies in an increased awareness on the field, while staying aware of the possible implications each and every mistake can have on the outcome.

Seymour was quick to note his major mistakes following the Trojans’ “best practice of fall camp,” according to Head Coach Lane Kiffin. While keeping his eyes on the backfield for a second too long, the wide receiver bursted over the top of coverage for an easy pitch and catch touchdown.

“There is still a lot I have to work on,” Seymour humbly notes. “Today I made lot of mistakes but that’s why there is film, go back and look to improve.”

Jumping back on the saddle for another day of practice, the sophomore puts the simple things into perspective, focusing his efforts on improving day-in and day-out. “Gotta get bigger stronger and faster,” among the major benchmarks here in camp. “In the weight room, hit those weights hard and keep coming together as a unit.”