What does Charlotte Transfer Darion Clark Bring to USC? Here’s a Q&A


Word came out late Sunday night that Darion Clark would be headed to USC on a transfer from Charlotte, giving head coach Andy Enfield another body, though he’ll have to sit out the 2013-2014 season. To get up to speed on what Clark brings to the table for the Trojans, we sat down with Sydney Hunte, the editor of Pick Axe Digest, the home for all things Charlotte 49ers on the FanSided network.

RoT: What type of player is USC getting in Clark?Sydney Hunte: Clark, when he really gets after it, is a hard-working player…I counted a number of times when he really hustled down the court in order to extend plays and retain possession. However, I stress “when he really gets after it”. He would come out and have a strong game one night, but disappear the next–but when he’s on, he’s a really good shooter (and can even hit from outside at times). He can also get some boards for you as needed, and has shown ability to alter and block shots as well (third on the team in blocks with 19 last season).

RoT: How would you assess his freshman season?Sydney Hunte: Pretty much what I mentioned above. It started off OK as he was trying to find his sea legs; like all freshmen, he had some growing pains and made some rookie mistakes. I think that he really played his best basketball toward the middle of the year before he began to tail off a little and fade. Toward the end of the year many fans got the impression that he wasn’t happy with his decreased playing time and that may have had something to do with his play not being up to par as the year came to a close.

RoT: USC needs help in the paint and is lacking bodies at the forward positions. Can Clark help in the paint?Sydney Hunte: Again, it goes back to my earlier point–Clark can help you in the paint if he really commits himself. But that’s a part of his game that needs to develop to the point where he’s bringing that same energy every single outing. He does have the ability to get inside and work hard to get those shots in the paint; it’s exhibiting that ability on a regular basis that hasn’t been there early in his career.