Matthew Thomas Seeks Florida State Release, Wants to Attend USC or Georgia


Three months ago, the talk of Signing Day’s early hours was that Matthew Thomas of Miami was getting a late recruiting run from Lane Kiffin and USC, and could pick the Trojans over in-state schools Miami and Florida State. When Thomas needed to send in his LOI, there was a slight delay. Florida State personnel hinted it was an issue with the fax machine. The reality was that Thomas was in a bit of a conundrum, facing the issue of pleasing his family, ESPN and following what he thought was his personal path. He ultimately signed with Florida State on national television.

A week after that, word came out that his mother blocked him from being a Trojan.

Now, three months later, Thomas is going back on that decision. The five-star linebacker told the Miami Herald on Monday that seeks a release from Florida State and is eyeing both USC and Georgia. Here’s an excerpt:

"“I’ve told them it’s nothing personal. I just didn’t make the decision I really wanted to on Signing Day,” said Thomas, who picked the Seminoles over USC, Georgia and Miami. “What happened was on Signing Day [was] I wasn’t sure who I wanted to sign with. I had issues with different schools. But when I told my mom I didn’t want to sign with anybody and wait and give it a few days she said I couldn’t do that. She said, ‘FSU is a good school – pick them. It’s close to home.’ I wasn’t agreeing with it. But I felt like I was being disrespectful to her if I didn’t sign. So I made her happy.”"

Thomas added that ESPN was a burden on his shoulders as well, adding to the family pressure. Should Thomas ultimately choose the Trojans as sources have indicated that he originally wanted to, he would be the second Florida linebacker of late to come to USC, joining Quinton Powell.

At the moment however, Georgia appears to be the front runner, according to what Thomas hold the Miami Herald.

“Georgia needs linebackers,” said Thomas. “It’s a big program. I have family in Georgia.

“USC, growing up I never thought I would have an opportunity that big. I just want to go have fun and play football.”