Twitter Tuesday: Trojans Dish On NFL Draft


Alright gang, it’s time to board the Twitter Express! We took a brief hiatus from travel after the holidays, but we are back and ready to take you on this hilarious ride once more. Join us while we peruse some of the best bits from your favorite Trojans. Remember, retweets are not endorsements, and neither are embeds. So punch your tickets, and let’s get this show on the road:

Congratulations, Mr. Woods!

Word up.

Nice Pro Tip, Mr. Telfer.

They are just the WORST.

Excellent question.

Good luck in St. Louis, Mr. McDonald!

This is the greatest news of all time.

This is a fact.

Don’t we all? #workingproblems


Preach, Mr. Banner.

Good luck in the NFL, gentlemen!

This is just great.

Definitely necessary where you’re going!

Good luck, Mr. McNeal!



Well said, Mr. Banner.

Let em know!