Twitter Tuesday: Top Ten Trojan Tweets From 2012


Alright Twitter Express passengers, this particular voyage will take us on a trip down memory lane so we can relive some of the finer moments in social networking from the USC Trojan athletes. We have been following them all year, bringing you their best tweets every week, tweets that show a side of their personality off the field. From hundreds of tweets we have selected 10 that are just too funny, too poignant, or too bizarre to forget about.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Trojan Tweets in 2012:


Back in June, USC QB matt Barkley showed us a sneak peak of the new John McKay Center. It was a thing of beauty, even then.


Appropriate, considering how the 2012 season went.


Randall Telfer kept us entertained with his #TelferTweets, a series of random musings provided by the tight end. He never disappointed.


When he set the Pac-12 record for touchdown passes in a season, Matt Barkley received this video tribute from prominent USC alumni and LA Sports stars.


Many Trojans reacted with sympathy to the Penn State sanctions, brought on by the horrific acts that Jerry Sandusky did while on Joe Paterno’s watch.


Enter UCLA DB Randall Goforth, jabbing USC WR Robert Woods.

We later learned the account for Bruin Randall Goforth was a fake, but MAN did Robert Woods fire some shots!


Trojan S T.J. McDonald commenting on West Virginia QB Geno Smith’s seven-touchdown game back in September. Well played. #Weseewhatyoudidthere


RB Tre Madden gets on LB Jabari Ruffin for a spelling fail, and it was an excellent zing indeed.


Still one of the best “That’s What She Said” moments of all time.


This marked one of our proudest moments in Reign of Troy history, and we are eternally grateful for all who follow us on Twitter and have helped up grow!

Stay tuned for more Twitter Tuesday, with surely more gems to come in 2013.