USC Football Fan’s Guide To Thanksgiving: 15 Reasons To Be Thankful


Credit: Silas Redd via Twitter

Nothing says ‘America’, ‘family’ and ‘football’ like Thanksgiving. So while you’re forced to watch the Cowboys, we thought we could shed some light on how USC fans should can still be thankful for America’s Team. Here’s 15 reasons, as penned by an anonymous, omniscient fan.

15. ‘Fight On!’ because the fight song is built for seasons like this.

14. Curtis McNeal, because if not for his fight against UCLA, you might have wondered if this team had any heart.

13. Morgan Breslin, because if it wasn’t for his effort against UCLA in the first half, the Bruins might have won 50-0.

12. ’50-0′, because no matter what happens, we’ll always have ’50-0′.

11. Other sports, because it’s easier to take your mind off a bad loss when your other teams are playing well.

10. Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, because it’s close enough that a bunch of fans can go see the last game many of these stars will ever play in a Trojan uniform. And we can eat oreos. (If you go, you better share.)

9. Traveler, because no matter what happens, a majestic white stallion trumps a dude in a baby furry bear suit. Every. Time.

8. Honorable scheduling, because there are only three teams in all of college football who can say they’ve never played a lower division foe – USC and the two great rivals: UCLA and Notre Dame.

7. Silas Redd, because if he didn’t come from Penn State, the Trojans may have had to play a walk-on at running back, much like Penn State.

6. Zach Maynard, because got sacked nine times against SC and if Cal didn’t beat UCLA, the Bruins might be close to going to the National Championship Game.

5. The Spirit of Troy, because they are such a part of USC’s tradition that they receive stipulations from opponents.

4. The Biletnikoff Award, because at least Marqise Lee will be rewarded in some way for the season he’s had.

3. Matt Barkley, because he gave USC four years when he only had to give three.

2. The NFL’s three-year rule, because Lee is legitimately ready for the NFL right now. Well, maybe he was ready last year too.

1. Perspective, because we ended the season by losing some tough games, but we started the season by losing Junior Seau to suicide. Football, despite being a great source of joy, is just a game.

Now, go eat some turkey.