USC vs. Arizona: Game Predictions


Oct 1, 2011; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Arizona Wildcats running back Ka

Michael Castillo: USC wins 45-28Don’t let my prediction fool you. This is an absolutely dangerous game for USC. It’s a road game in a hostile environment against an offense that only the Baltimore Ravens Oregon Ducks could stop. With that said, the Trojans are going to give up points and it’ll be a dog fight for a lot of the game. Arizona’s defense has had struggles completing games, as seen with the second half against Oregon and the final drives surrendered to Oregon State. The Trojans on the other hand have been strong in every quarter but the third, and even if they continue that, they should be able to outlast Arizona. That said, a total third quarter collapse could be absolutely detrimental to SC. They have to keep scoring and at some point shut Arizona down, because in the end they’re still bigger, faster and stronger.

Alicia De Artola: USC wins 30-23This will be a lower scoring game than many people anticipate. Arizona has the second worst scoring defense in the league. USC has the second best. However, USC is also on the road, so I expect to see more of the same from Lane Kiffin – conservative offense designed to limit mistakes and put up just enough points to win while leaning on the defense to keep the Wildcats in check. The big question is whether or not the defense can keep up their end of the bargain as they have done all year. Arizona is without a doubt the best offense they’ll have faced this season, but Matt Scott has thrown the second most interceptions in the conference this season and USC has forced the most. With the turnover margin on their side, the Trojans will get out of Tucson with the win.

Trenise Ferreira: USC wins 40-30Vegas has this as a close one, and if I have learned one thing this season, it’s that Vegas knows its stuff. The Trojans SHOULD win this game, but it is on the road, and it will not come easy. Zona’s passing game is lethal, one of the most productive in the country, and the Trojan defense will have to provide a top performance to keep up with and hinder that hurry up offense. On the other hand, Arizona has the second-worse defense in the country, and that fact should make the Trojan offense salivate. They should be able to shred the Wildcats’ D, but this game will really come down to the third quarter, and if USC can give Zona the dagger at that time if the opportunity presents itself. If they do, they will come away from Tuschon unscathed.