Top 10 Ways to Survive a Saturday With No USC Football


It’s the Saturday of a bye week, and the first of two straight football-less Saturdays for the Trojans, with a Thursday night affair with Utah next up on the docket. How can you survive the day without Lane Kiffin, Matt Barkley and Marqise Lee filling up your TV? We have some ideas:

10. Watch the UCLA-Colorado game. The Bruins have looked awfully good so far this season and Colorado could be beaten by top high school teams like Narbonne or Santa Margarita. Since there isn’t much else to do, sit back and relax with a cold one and play the Colorado turnover drinking game.

9. Dust off your USC lapel pin and button collection. If you were born a Trojan, you have a million hand-me-down buttons stashed somewhere with outdated puns mocking every Pac-10 team. Find those and dust them. Then, take a picture of your collection and tweet us the picture. We may or may not retweet it…

8. Check your Christmas lights for bad bulbs. Let’s face it, despite this being a perfect opportunity to put up your Christmas lights because it’s the second to last open Saturday until December, you don’t want to be that guy that decorates before Thanksgiving, much less Election Day or Halloween or Columbus Day. Just prepare and check the bulbs.

7. Play a game of Song Pop with a random Facebook friend. Since you won’t be able to see the Trojans bump-and-run against the Pac-12’s top receivers, nothing provides much needed competition like a friendly an intense mobile game with a friend. If you’re lucky, the game will give you Spirit of Troy classics to answer with, like “In the Stone” and “Levels”.

6. Play your Spirit of Troy CD on repeat. You know you have one.

5. Spend an extra three hours setting your fantasy football roster. Can’t decide whether or not play Greg Jennings or Marques Colston? Use this time to realize that that’s not that hard of a decision to make.

4. Go to the beach. Does this really need an explanation?

3. Watch old Trojan Rewind episodes on YouTube. Remember how great Tuesday nights used to be on Fox Sports West 2? Celebrate the election year and relive the Bush-Leinart regime with Trojan Rewind from the 2005 Fresno State game.

2. Follow us on Twitter and tweet at us so we can survive too. We won’t bite. We’re endorsed by SportsCenter.

1. Go Halloween costume shopping. We’re hearing the Morgan Breslin costume is flying off of the shelves.