USC Football: Silas Redd’s Arrival to the Trojan Family Highlights First Practice


Silas Redd stepped onto Howard Jones Field on Monday night in his first sighting in a USC uniform and immediately turned heads and subsequently spoke at length about his new home and excitement to be playing with the Trojans. Troy’s newest running back is the most popular out-of-state import to the Trojans since O.J. Mayo, though he obviously comes with much less baggage.

By most accounts, Redd was stellar in his first practice, showing his veteran presence despite having just days to study Lane Kiffin’s playbook. Michael Lev of the Orange County Register praised his footwork, while Kiffin looked forward to having a two-back system, alluding to the boost of effectiveness of Curtis McNeal. And, as Kiffin suggested, McNeal had a strong night on the ground, in what was the best performance on the offensive side of the ball.

But for Redd, just being in practice and with the Trojans is important in itself. “It felt great, this is my new family now,” said Redd when asked about what it felt like to put on the cardinal and gold for the first time.

He requested that the media keep their questions solely about USC and not Penn State, and sans a few Jim Hill questions on the decision to leave Happy Valley, Redd was received gracefully by the Trojans’ working media.

As for the teammates and staff? Redd gave big praise to his peers and coaches, citing the family atmosphere around the program, and a ‘laid back’ attitude surrounding the team on and off the field.

Considering all of the turmoil at Penn State off the field, the changes to a pro-style set with new head coach Bill O’Brien and the relinquishing of the old school approach of the late Joe Paterno, it makes sense for Redd to feel for an ease of pressure at USC. Though oddly enough, with Redd fielding the most questions on Monday, perhaps he’s exactly what the Trojans need in that regard, since he takes some of the talk away from preseason rankings and Barkley’s return for a title run.

As noted in last night’s recap, Redd will wear number 25 with Troy and is rooming with former Pop Warner teammate Max Wittek in camp.

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Now, it’s your turn to weigh in on Silas Redd. Lane Kiffin has made it clear that he wants to use a two-back system with Redd and McNeal being the assumed duo. Between the two, who gets more yards this season? Vote in our poll and be sure to leave us your comments below to have your say.

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