USC Football: 30 Days Until Kickoff, 30 Things To Get Excited For


Jul 13, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; An aerial view of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

In exactly one month, USC will begin its quest to conquer the 2012 season and to keep giving head coach Lane Kiffin reasons to dust his shoulders off. We don’t know about you guys but we at Reign of Troy could not be more excited about what this season has in store.

As such, we have created a list of 30 things (in no particular order) to get excited about until Sept. 1 rolls around.

Get ready. It’s gonna be a great season!

No. 30: Football In the Coliseum

There are few stadiums as iconic and legendary as the Los Angeles Coliseum, home to your very own USC Trojans. Since its initial dedication to World War I veterans in 1921, all kinds of great moments in sports history have taken place here. The Coliseum is the only stadium to have hosted the Olympics twice, in 1933 and 1984, the only one to have hosted both Super Bowls and World Series, and thousands of other other sports games courtesy of the Los Angeles Rams, Raiders, and Dodgers, and the UCLA Bruins.

And oh yeah. That one cardinal and gold football team, the Trojans? They’re alright, I guess.

The Coliseum has been the home stadium for USC for ages, fitting for a team whose mascot commemorates all that was glorious about the gladiator era. Over the years all kind of history has been made, classic sports moments that have been documented and relived from generation to generation. In just 30 days, Lane Kiffin, Matt Barkley, and the 2012 Trojan squad will try their hand at cementing themselves as one of the most unique, special squads to ever suit up in cardinal and gold. It’s going to be a long season, undoubtedly filled with ups and downs and “OH MY GOODNESS DID YOU SEE THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED!!!” moments, and they will all begin with USC’s season opener against Hawaii.

Sure, the Coliseum is old. And antiquated. And doesn’t have fancy seats and luxury boxes. But it has history and character, and when you walk through the tunnels that feed into the 92,000 seats in the stadium, you feel it. You feel the energy, and you feel the pride that Trojan fans have for their team.

In 30 days, the electricity will start to buzz once again in the Coliseum, with thousands of fans, students and alumni coming together in pride and school spirit. They will yell, cheer, gasp, and even exclaim an explicit or two until every last second ticks off the Coliseum scoreboard.

If you think about it, you can already hear that buzz, feel that passion, right now.

Until Sept. 1, we will bring you one thing about the 2012 Season to gear up for. T-30 days until the journey to glory begins.