Go Fetch: Tirebiter’s Morning Byte Of USC Trojans News


I recently spoke to one of those candidates. I will not reveal his identity because our discussion took place off the record. But here’s the gist of what he had to say regarding the possibility of losing his scholarship: The player said he would be “heartbroken” if it came to that because he had worked so hard to earn the scholarship. However, when the player initially received it, Kiffin explained that it was a year-to-year deal and that the player might have to give it back if USC’s roster limitations left no other recourse.

“I just feel like USC is perfect for me,” said Prevot. “It’s a great education, the football team has a great background and it’s a school the sets me up for life after football. “The weather is beautiful, there is playing time available and it’s just a wonderful school.” No press conference, no television coverage and no media hype. Prevot selects USC over scholarship offers from 23 schools, including the likes of LSU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Texas, Texas A&M, Oregon and Cal.

“I committed on Friday because I just felt it was time, and it Was Coach O’s birthday,” said Prevot. “I visited in June and just love everything about the school. It’s a beautiful place, the coaching staff is great and USC has everything I’m looking for in a school.” Prevot was going to announce last night late in the evening, but a Trojan commit advised him to wait until today. “Nobody commits at 11 p.m.,” said Massington. “I told him to wait until today to announce.”

However, there is a loophole. Trenise Ferreira of ReignOfTroy.com tells me that incoming 2012 freshman recruit Darreus Rodgers has not been academically cleared by the NCAA. If he is not cleared, Redd could count against last years class and would still be eligible to join the team. I’m not sure what the fate of Rodgers would be if he was then cleared to play at a later date. There could be something in there that would cause Redd to leave after his junior year to meet the limit. I’m struggling a bit to keep up with the moving parts surrounding other schools and their recruitment of Penn State players.

Southern Cal coach Lane Kiffin never got a chance to fully show what he could do as an SEC recruiter in his one-year tenure at Tennessee in 2009. He may not be in the SEC anymore, but he’s helping himself to several recruits from SEC states that were highly coveted by teams in his old conference.