Hang Time With Devon Kennard: Dishing Out Fall Camp And Andrew Luck


Oct 29, 2011; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck (12) is sacked by Southern California Trojans defensive end Devon Kennard (42) at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Stanford defeated USC 56-48 in three overtimes. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, we interviewed USC defensive end Devon Kennard on all things football. Today, we switch gears with Kenanrd we engage in a more informal chat. We’ll have plenty of chats with members of the Trojan Family to come, with lots of Hang Time, which would make John Baxter pretty happy.

Reign of Troy: So uh, we have to ask: Who do you think is the hotter Trojan, Whitney Port [from MTV’s “The Hills”], or Paula Patton?

Devon Kennard Wait a second, who’s Paula Patton?

RoT: Google her.

Kennard: *googles it*…WOW. DEFINITELY Paula Patton.

RoT: We figured as much. Switching gears to Fall Camp. Who is the loudest snorer on the team?

Kennard: Last year it was DaJohn Harris, by far. I have no idea who it will be this year.

RoT: What game are you most looking forward to this season?

Kennard: Hawaii, because it’s the first one.

RoT: So what’s your favorite pre-game meal?

Kennard: Chicken, pasta, and carrots. Gotta keep my protein and carbs up before a game!

RoT: What was your first thought when you looked up at the score at the end of the UCLA game and saw that it was 50-0?

Kennard: Man, we really gave them a goose egg! We didn’t really plan to run up the score, but we figured we would give them our best shot. We weren’t going to slow down because this was our last opportunity for the year.

RoT: What was running through your mind you sacked Andrew Luck in that crazy game against Stanford?

Kennard: RoT: So what’s your favorite pre-game meal?

Kennard: “Finally”. When I knew for sure he went down by me, I just said “Finally” in my head. I missed six sacks last year, easily. And for one of my sacks to be Andrew Luck, it was a great feeling. I was happy to help my team.

RoT: If you could choose, which NFL team would you play for?

Kennard: Whoever wants to draft me is where I want to play. Whoever wants to invest in me is where I want to be.

RoT: You’ve been under Coach Kiffin for going on three seasons. What have you seen from him that has enabled him to go from the bad boy of college football to the golden boy of Southern California?

Kennard: His ability to put his players in position to succeed in his system and get comfortable. He’s a great offensive coach, and he has a great supporting cast around him. He hires coaches that not only coach but mentor us and help us with our development. Defensively, he understands us and wants to really grow with us.

RoT: What about being coached by Monte Kiffin, considered by most to be one of the best defensive minds in the game?

Kennard: For me, it’s from one great coach to another. Before him it was Carroll running it defensively and now its Monte. And in that sense we have been spoiled with great defensive minds. They are different, but their greatness is undeniable.

RoT: What was your best game last season?

Kennard: For me it was the Oregon game. I feel like I had a good game even though I missed a sack. Just turning the corner in that game as a team showed that ‘SC is back. We’re a team to be reckoned with and we can play with the best of ’em.

RoT: What did you think of seeing Lebron James and those guys on the sideline?

Kennard: We were worried about football, that was the last thing we were thinking about.

RoT: The Olympics are just around the corner, and several Trojans are going to be competing. Do you plan on watching any of the Games?

Kennard I know a couple of our track guys that are going so I am excited to see them, and I’m a big baskertball fan so I plan to watch Team USA. I’m just excited for the whole London Olympics.”