USC Football Recruiting: Has Michael Hutchings Committed to USC?


Two weeks ago, we told you that Michael Hutchings would decide on his college commitment on July 1st. Just hours before his Decision Day, conflicting reports have hit the internet about Hutchings verbally committing to USC as early as last weekend.

The Contra Costa Times’ Ben Enos leaked the Hutchings commitment to Twitter early this evening, setting the stage for a bit of confusion.

After Enos tweeted the news at 5:39pm, his story hit the Contra Costa Times’ website less than an hour later, including quotes from Hutchings himself:

"“It was kind of unbeatable when you put it all together,” Hutchings said of USC. “They’ve continually proven they’re an elite school (academically and athletically).” Hutchings said he picked the Trojans from a final four that included Washington, Cal and Oregon. He informed USC coach Lane Kiffin of his decision last weekend. The heralded linebacker said he was definitely relieved to have the process over and done with. “It’s fun and exciting at first because you’re getting all the attention. After a year, you start getting more serious with it,” Hutchings said. “It’s time for me to move forward with high school.”"

If the quotes are true, and there’s no reason necessarily to question its validity, Hutchings is surely committed to USC, albeit unofficial pending his announcement in the morning. And, right on cue, that’s excatly what ESPN’s Erik McKinney reiterated on Twitter, two hours after Enos’s story hit the internet.

What’s Hutchings himself saying? Well, like a good showman, he’s plugging his commitment tomorrow morning, in hopes of absorbing as much of the spotlight as he can, and you can’t blame him, considering Sunday is not only Canada Day, but the NHL’s full day of chaos in terms of free agency. Okay, perhaps USC fans aren’t that interested in the LA Kings despite their first Stanley Cup victory, but nonetheless, Hutchings has a date with the media and he’s sticking to it.

One Cal fan

even tweeted to Hutchings

committed an NCAA violation in an attempt to show that Hutchings had already committed, referring to the quote from Hutchings that he had already committed to Lane Kiffin last weekend. The linebacker was having none of it, as you would expect.

What can we infer from all of this? Hutchings is committed to the Trojans. But let’s give the kid the benefit of the doubt and wait for the official word at 11am on Sunday morning, as every blue chipper needs their day in the sun, and Michael Hutchings is no difference.

We’ll have more on Hutchings and the Trojans tomorrow following his decision.