Twitter Tuesday: Nelson Agholor Needs a Bike, Scott Starr Wants a Dog


Let’s take a ride on the Twitter Express and roll back the clock a few days and take in the very best of Twitter from the USC Family. Remember, retweets are not endorsements, and neither are embeds. Let’s begin.

Ain’t this the truth. Welcome to USC. Bienvenidos a Universidad del Sur de California.

Whoa. #HeadSpinning

Good to know.

With a room like that, the Virginia Tech team would be mighty jealous. Or maybe just the Philadelphia Eagles?

There’s definitely some bread to be broken here, huh Brandon?

Helllloooooooooooooooooooooo! La la laaaaaaa.

Quoting 300, FTW.

Say what? Oh, yeah, we keep forgetting you’re from Arkansas.

If only this was about the real Anthony Davis. Wait, nevermind. We at Reign of Troy wish that USC’s Anthony Davis never gets saddled with a unibrow. Now, off to YouTube for highlights from 1974.

Unfortunately true.


Isn’t that what Tony Hawk 3 is for?

Gents, this is headstone material. Absolute truth.

Yes. And no, you didn’t block us.

Not us, I hope.

Kinda, I guess it depends though.

Aren’t those kind of pictures solely for Myspace?

Yes, but we only show the world on Tuesday. Class, dismissed.