Hang Time with Randall Telfer: Everything from Paula Patton to Next Friday


Yesterday, we interviewed USC tight end Randall Telfer on all things football. Today, we switch gears with Telfer and debut own newest feature, Hang Time, in which we engage in a more informal chat. We’ll have plenty of chats with members of the Trojan Family to come, with lots of Hang Time, which would make John Baxter pretty happy.

Reign of Troy: Who’s a hotter Trojan alum? Paula Patton or Sophia Bush?

Randall Telfer: Paula Patton went to USC?!

RoT: Yep!

Telfer: Oh, wow. Well her, then. She’s my wife.

RoT: Well, she’s Robin Thicke’s wife.

Telfer: (Laughs) I guess she’s his wife then.

RoT: So let’s be real, when did you know the game against UCLA was over?

Telfer: Wow. Well, 50-0. Man, I’ve never been apart of a beatdown like that before, not even in high school. But really, not until the last few seconds did I think it was over, because I was so zoned into the game.

RoT: Did you know Kiffin was going to run up the score?

Telfer: (Laughs) Not really, but yeah. His pregame speech said it all.

RoT: What did he say?

Telfer: Just something about how we were going to give it to them.

RoT: Changing directions, how was it playing in the battle with Stanford last year? As a spectator, it was intense. How was it on the field?

Telfer: Honestly it felt like I was at war. I can’t even explain it, really. Especially going into overtime, you feel the jitters of everybody. The players, the coaches, everybody. Everyone was in. Just looking into the stands and seeing the faces of the stands. That was another type of game I had never been a part of.

RoT: Does that make Stanford a big rival from the North then? Or is that reserved for Oregon?

Telfer: For us, it’s Stanford. They put up 50 points on us and Harbaugh really didn’t like us and he was just attack attack attack.

RoT: So why do you wear #82?

Telfer: Well, in high school I wore 85, but I didn’t realize how lame that number was until I got to college. I could have been a single digit guy, but I didn’t feel like I was that guy, really. I knew I wanted to be in the 80s, but most were taken and Xavier [Grimble] had already taken 86. I was definitely not going to be 87, so I picked 82.

RoT: You’re from Rancho Cucamonga, which is famous for the movie Next Friday. Do people mention that a lot to you?

Telfer: Oh yeah, I get that a lot. People ask if I live in the same area where the movie was.

RoT: Do you?

Telfer: (Laughs) I do not. But some people have never heard of Cucamonga before, so I mention the movie and then they know. So it comes in handy.