USC Football: Woods and Lee the Best WR Tandem in USC History? – Poll


This week, we’ve been looking into whether or not Robert Woods and Marqise Lee is the best wide receiver duo in USC Football history. We’ve looked into their stats, considered their small sample size, compared them to the greats of the past and looked ahead to the future. Before it’s time for you to vote, here’s a few brief notes to consider.


Curtis Conway and Johnnie Morton were the best combo of USC wideouts in terms of the NFL, as both were first round picks and had very successful careers. However, their best season together, 1992, saw neither of them catch more than 50 balls, and Johnnie Morton’s six touchdowns led the Trojans that year.

Mike Williams and Keary Colbert set the tone for USC pairs, with one big, tall, physical receiver in tandem with a silky smooth possession receiver and deep threat. The duo combined for 316 catches for 4,621 yards and 44 touchdowns in two seasons together and had two Heisman Trophy winners throwing to them, in Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart.

Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith had longevity, as opposed to other duos, as they played for three seasons together. Over the course of those three years, they caught a combined 389 passes for 5,838 yards and 61 touchdowns. Woods and Lee would be hard pressed to match those numbers, assuming Woods enters the NFL draft early.

Robert Woods and Marqise Lee are nearly identical, as athletic receivers who excel at route running and have an athleticism that only the likes of R. Jay Soward and Damian Williams could attest to, but not surpass. In 2011, Woods and Lee combined for 184 catches, 2,435 yards and 26 touchdowns, which is nearly half of the production of Jarrett and Smith in two seasons, and better than the incredible 2003 season from Williams and Colbert. And most defining aspect of the pair, was that 2011 was  just the freshman season for Lee, who was pegged to be a defensive back by most recruiting pundits when he signed with USC last February.

It’s now up to you to decide who should lay claim to the label of greatest. Vote in our poll and leave your comments below, as to why you voted as you did.

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