USC-UCLA Roundtable: Does Winning the Crosstown Gauntlet Mean Anything?


As we mentioned earlier, the USC Trojans clinched their fifth Crosstown Gauntlet title this weekend, which got us to start wondering if the title even holds any merit anymore.

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

When the Lexus Gauntlet began in the fall of 2001, Fox Sports West ran ads with Tommy Trojan and Joe Bruin facing off and literally dropping a gauntlet. But now, is it still hip to root for USC or UCLA in the race for the gauntlet? Here’s what we at FanSided had to say:

Charles Gilmore(Reign of Troy):It loses relevance in terms of a competitive rivalry between the athletic department of both schools. I believe this is USC’s fifth in a row and UCLA has only won 3 out of the possible 11, so it hasn’t been much of a competition since its inception as the Lexus Gauntlet. Where it does remain relevant is in recruiting. Recruits want to be associated with winners and not just in the sport that they play. So if a kid is considering offers between UCLA and USC, a culture of winning is something that can be brought into the discussion.

Carlos Sandoval( course it matters. Personally, I think it’s a fun competition that makes every sport between USC and UCLA a rivalry, rather than just the one that is most salient, which is that of football. However, the way it is won needs to be rethought. I would like the four major North American sports to hold more weight than the other sports, but only because we’d win in baseball, hockey and basketball while you guys would take whatever else you guys win at. But that’s just a guy who’s frustrated with constant losing to our little sisters across town and is looking for a solution to notch some dubyas.

Michael Castillo(Reign of Troy):Well, it is weighted with a point system, but it doesn’t make it worth it. Fox Sports West used to have shows dedicated to the Lexus Gauntlet, and now, if they do, they don’t get any press or exposure. It’s hard to follow the progress of the Gauntlet race, and it just doesn’t have the same vibe as it did when it began. This rivalry is good in its own right, sport by sport, because that’s what matters. USC is always going to be a better football school, UCLA is always going to be a better basketball school, which is what makes it interesting when the games don’t go as planned, whether we like it or not. We don’t need a trophy to let golf try to decide who has the better baseball program, as 12 national titles speak loud enough in their own right. And to be fair, USC can’t touch UCLA’s softball, Men’s soccer or gymnastic prowess without a team. Let’s let each sport stand on its own, and results in head-to-head competitions, Pac-12 championships and national championships speak for itself.