USC Turns up the Heat on D.J. Foster



Follow @ReignofTroyIt’s no secret that the Trojans are lacking depth at running back, after the departures of Dillon Baxter and Amir Carlisle, along with George Farmer being tabbed to return to the Trojans’ receiving corps. That makes the recruitment of D.J. Foster, a 4-star running back/athlete from Scottsdale, all the more important. Once considered to be leaning towards the Cal Bears, Foster’s official visit to USC this past weekend has forced an even three-team race, with the Trojans gaining ground on Cal and Arizona State, according Greg Biggins of ESPN.

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Did Foster’s recruiting trip push the Trojans close to clinching the back? Biggins answered that question on Twitter late Sunday night, solidifying the belief that Foster is far from commiting either way.

Foster visited Berkeley back in December along with a host of other top recruits, and with his official visit to USC coming so late in the recruiting season, the Trojans could very well take advantage of getting in a later word in to Foster, especially now that they can play the ‘playing time at running back card’.

While Foster is listed as an athlete by the four major recruiting publications, according recruiting insider Shaan Franchi(Follow him @CalBearReporter), Foster’s future as a running back is brighter, and not just because of USC’s needs in the backfield. “I think his size will better suit him to play running back, but wide receiver is not out of the question.”

The prospects of the Trojans having a pass catching back in the backfield would be rather tantalizing for Lane Kiffin. The Trojans have long thrived on screens and bubbles, which allowed past players like Reggie Bush and Stanley Havili to become big-time playmakers in the passing game. In 2011, Kiffin sparingly tried to get Dillon Baxter involved through screen passes, and while Baxter struggled, his skill set is something to look towards when gauging Foster.

At a debated 6-foot, and 185 lbs., Foster’s frame likens himself to Baxter, and his quick play goes on to echo those sentiments. “Both have similar skills, but I think Foster is a little bit faster,” says Franchi. “Both are very quick, but Foster has breakaway speed and more of a home-run ability.”

Should the Trojans be able to seal the deal on Foster, the Trojans would have three speedy backs, all with the “home-run ability” that Franchi stressed when referring to Foster. We know Lane Kiffin loves team speed…