Ranking the Pac-10: Basketball Edition


1. Arizona (25-6, 14-4)

Arizona proved to be the most consistent team throughout the course of the Pac-10 season despite losing four times. Their reliance on Derrick Williams is an issue but the Pac-10 Player of the Year is phenomenal and has the power to carry this team. They also shoot the 3 extremely well.

2. UCLA (22-9, 13-5)

The Bruins hit the accelerator after losing to USC in early January and haven’t really looked back. Their penchant for falling behind early and storming back is alarming though. That tactic will catch up to them eventually. How effective will Malcolm Lee be with a slight tear in his knee?

3. USC (18-13, 10-8)

Surging USC has come from out of nowhere to land on the bubble. Their offense has improved drastically against zone defenses and Nikola Vucevic is a constant presence inside that can be counted on for a double double. As their jump shooting and defense go, so do the Trojans.

4. Washington (20-10, 11-7)

Venoy Overton will miss the Pac-10 Tournament after being charged with providing alcohol to a minor. The Huskies have two guards on the roster for the tournament and have been plagued by a myriad of off-court issues and injuries. Once a Pac-10 favorite, the Huskies may not make the NCAA tourney if they get bounced in the first round.

5. California (17-13, 10-8)

6. Washington State (19-11, 9-9)

The Cougars put on a clinic offensively against USC before blowing a big lead to UCLA. The weekend summed up the inconsistencies on the Palouse and the potential for this season. Washington State looked bound for the NCAA tourney as long as they held their own in conference, but they barely managed to reach .500.

7. Oregon (14-16, 7-11)

The Ducks were looking at a decent seed in the Pac-10 tournament, but they have lost four in a row and come floundering into the tournament. Their defense has fallen apart and opponents are scoring at will. Nevertheless, Dana Altman has done an admirable job in his first year.

8. Oregon State (10-19, 5-13)

It hasn’t been a good season in Corvallis by any stretch of the imagination. The Beavers have suffered some very bad losses. Yet, they shocked Arizona and Washington in the beginning of the campaign. Oregon State is young, but Craig Robinson will need to perform better next year if he hopes to keep his job.

9. Stanford (15-15, 7-11)

The Cardinal have lost five of their past six conference games and were run out of the gym by Cal. Luckily for head coach Johnny Dawkins, his team is young and Stanford is still reveling in the football success.

10. Arizona State (12-18, 4-14)

The Sun Devils are on a two-game winning streak, but it has come at home against the Oregons. Once they match-up in the Pac-10 tournament against a decent team, it will be lights out on a grueling rebuilding year.