Ranking the Top 25: Week 3


After three weeks of play, the rankings are starting to take a more defined shape. There are several very interesting games on the slate for Saturday that will alter the rankings in some way. Here’s how the teams stack up heading into week 4.

1. Alabama  (3-0)Last Week: 1Thought:

2. Ohio State (3-0)Last Week: 2Thought:

3. Oregon (3-0)Last Week: 3Thought:  

4. Boise State (2-0)Last Week: 4Thought:

5. TCU (3-0)Last Week: 5Thought:

6. Nebraska (3-0)Last Week: 7Thought:

7. Arkansas (3-0)

Last Week: 12Thought:

8. Oklahoma (3-0)Last Week: 6Thought:

9. Texas (3-0)Last Week:  9Thought:

10. Wisconsin (3-0)Last Week: 10Thought: Badgers were almost beat by ASU, a team predicted to finish 9th in the Pac-10. This team’s  bubble is going to burst soon.

11.  Florida (3-0)Last Week: 11Thought:

12. LSU (3-0)Last Week: 13Thought: A must win game for Les Miles against West Virginia this weekend. The Tigers haven’t had an offense in recent years and need to get going. 

13. Arizona (3-0)Last Week:  21

14. South Carolina (3-0)Last Week: 14

15. Stanford (3-0)Last Week:  15Thought: Stanford has yet to play anybody of consequence. Their results thus far have been impressive. The week 5 showdown at Oregon is the one to look out for.

16. USC (3-0)Last Week: 17Thought: Trojans played their most complete game in Minnesota. Final score wasn’t indicative of disparity in each team’s play.

17. Iowa (2-1)Last Week: 8

18. Utah (3-0)Last Week: 18Thought: Poor San Jose State! It will be interesting to see if Utah can step up to TCU with BYU having a down year.

19. Michigan (3-0)Last Week: 19Thought: A poll of a few Heisman voters places Denard Robinson as the favorite. Rich Rodriguez is having the year he needed to have so far.

20. West Virginia (3-0)Last Week: 24Thought: Bill Stewart can take some pressure off of himself with a big win in Baton Rouge. An uphill battle for the Mountaineers awaits.

21. Penn State (2-1)Last Week: 23Thought: Penn State’s offense is suspect. They don’t even give Joe Paterno a headset anymore and it’s sad to watch him age because he is such an icon.

 22. Michigan State (3-0)Last Week: NRThought:

 23. Oregon State (2-1)Last Week: NR

24. Nevada (3-0)Last Week: NRThought: The pistol offense has plenty of firepower in Reno. The Wolfpack are a serious threat to win the WAC over Boise.

25. Auburn (3-0)Last Week: NRThought: Big chance to prove their worth against the Cocks this weekend.