No Apology from Reggie Bush


Yesterday, USA Today reported that Reggie Bush apologized to USC athletic director Pat Haden. Today, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Bush never offered up an apology.

"USC Athletic Director Pat Haden said Friday that he spoke last week with a contrite Reggie Bush, but that embattled 2005 Heisman Trophy winner did not apologize for actions that played a major role in the NCAA’s decision to hit the school with severe sanctions. That contradicts a report by USA Today that Haden had said Bush apologized for those actions. “Never did he say I’m sorry or I apologize,” Haden said. “Never did he say, ‘I lied to the NCAA or I took stuff.’ ”"

It isn’t shocking the Bush didn’t apologize. Throughout the entire process, he has revealed his true character as a self-absorbed, horrible jerk. First of all, Bush felt entitled to a nicer car and other benefits from Lloyd Lake. Granted, you can make the argument that the temptation was too large and anyone in his situation would do the same.

My main problem with Bush trying to come off as contrite is his failure to act to help out the school. Reggie could have put an end to this whole debacle. Had he repaid the money he borrow from Lloyd Lake, Lake claims he never would have come forward and exposed the benefits Bush received. Once the Committee on Infractions came knocking, Bush defiantly denied any wrongdoing and wasn’t very cooperative with investigators. Without a doubt, the cavalier attitude played a large part in the NCAA’s decision to nail USC.

His apology is hollow and meaningless. He devastated USC, leaving fans, students, alumni, and most importantly the players, without the experience of a bowl game for the next two seasons. Meanwhile he is off making millions of dollars as he continues his unimpressive career with the Saints. A while ago, Bush said that nobody feels worse about the situation than he does. Then he promptly said he had to move past it. He feels the worst? He can put it in the past quickly while the school will feel the effects for at least the next four years.

I applaud Pat Haden for erasing any memory of Reggie Bush on the USC campus. Regardless of the words Bush has spoken, his actions show he doesn’t care about USC.