Havili Deserves One Game Suspension


Stanley Havili has had a very productive career as the fullback at USC. A year ago, he played a major role in the Trojans’ Emerald Bowl victory with two touchdown catches. Unfortunately, Havili is on the wrong side of the story this team after punching defensive back T.J. Bryant during the team’s final workout before fall camp started. As a result of the blow, Bryant will be out 3-4 weeks after having surgery to repair his cheekbone.

"“I feel horrible about it,” Havili said. “I talked to T.J. about it [Thursday]. We’re on good terms.” Bryant could not be reached for comment. The altercation occurred during a conditioning drill Friday. Havili said Trojans players were competing in a relay, with strength coaches present. “We were all fired up,” Havili said. “It was the last workout and emotions were high. When emotions are high, you know, intelligence is down. I let it get the best of me and I feel bad about it.” Said Kiffin: “Sometimes people show leadership in the wrong ways. This was a situation where Stanley tried to step in to get guys to finish at the level he’s used to. From my understanding there was some talking back and forth and some pushing and, obviously, it didn’t end very well.”"

The negative press continues to roll in at USC. Thankfully, Havili showed remorse and the issue is not a huge deal. However, Lane Kiffin now has the task of decided an appropriate punishment for the senior. The first-year coach simply cant allow conduct like this to go without repercussions. When weighing his options, Kiffin must be sure his punishment sends a clear message that this type of conduct will not be tolerated, but that he is a fair coach the players can trust. If Kiffin rules too lightly, the players may lose respect for him and his rules.

As a result, a one game suspension seems the most appropriate. Havili caused a player to miss several weeks so one game seems fair. The trip to Hawaii should be a treat for the players since they won’t be playing in a bowl game and Havili’s shot should revoke the privilege of attending. Hopefully, Havili takes any punishment in stride and continues to be the integral part of the USC offense he has been in the past.

Stanley Havili punched his way into punishment. Source: Yardbarker.com