USC President C. L. Max Nikias Issues Statement on USC Shooting

Following the late night Halloween party shooting on the USC campus last night, university president C. L. Max Nikias has issued a statement to the university’s student body and extended family:

Dear members of the Trojan Family,You may have heard about a disturbing incident that occurred late last night. An argument between two individuals on the University Park Campus ended with a shooting in which one of the individuals and three bystanders were injured. None of the individuals involved were USC students, faculty, or staff.

The victims are being treated at a local hospital. We hope they make a full and speedy recovery.

The incident occurred outside a student Halloween party at the campus center. Multiple officers from the Department of Public Safety were monitoring the area near the party. The officers witnessed the shooting and immediately apprehended two suspects as they fled the scene.

University policy requires that any student parties on campus be open only to guests with student IDs from USC or another university. The individuals involved were not admitted to the party at any time.

In light of this and other events, campus safety and security has been a major topic of discussion at the highest levels of my administration. I want to personally assure you that the university mobilized all its resources in responding to this incident, and worked closely with the Los Angeles Police Department in ensuring our students’ safety.

As part of our immediate response, TrojansAlert texts and emails were sent out notifying the campus community of the events as they unfolded. We are now carefully assessing and reviewing all of the university’s policies regarding visitors and events held on campus.

While the risk of such an episode on campus is very low, it reminds all of us that we must look out for ourselves and be particularly vigilant about the personal safety of friends and guests at our social events. And, if something happens despite these precautions, please seek help immediately by calling the emergency number for the USC Department of Public Safety at (213) 740-4321. This is an important moment for each of us to take the time to review the safety tips available on the USC website at and If you have not already done so, we urge you to sign up for TrojansAlert notification system at We all play an important role in ensuring a safe campus.

Trained members of the USC Student Affairs are ready to assist students and families who have been affected by these incidents, offering counseling and support to anyone who desires that help. Anyone who needs assistance is urged to contact Student Affairs at (213) 740-2421 or Student Counseling Services at (213) 740-7711. Other important resources include Trojans Care for Trojans, at, and for faculty and staff needing assistance, the USC Center for Work and Family Life at (213) 821-0800.

Although this incident did not involve USC students and was resolved quickly, it strikes at the heart of the Trojan Family. I understand the apprehensions and concerns of our campus community as we move forward. All of us have been shaken by serious incidents this year. Despite these events, or indeed because of them, we must continue to support each other as members of the Trojan Family.


C. L. Max Nikias

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  • Outraged Parent

    With two incidents this past spring and yesterday’s shooting it is difficult to write off the risk of danger as “low.” Furthermore- it is not due to some particular vigilance on the part of USC security that the victims were not USC students-nor does this diminish the very real fact that a shooting took place on campus in a heavily populated area and that it was not prevented by the presence of security.
    Furthermore USC draws students from around the globe and The Student Affairs “trained personel” did not see fit to expand their hours – nor were they prepared to answer questions or even demonstrate an understanding that parents take the safety of their children very seriously.
    As a parent- I don’t want platitudes or team spirit building as reassurance. I want answers and actionable plans that ensure better safety measures are immediately put in place.