October 27, 2012; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks fans cheer at halftime against the Colorado Buffaloes at Autzen Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE

USC Football: The View From The Northwest of the Oregon Ducks

Being a Southern California native living in the Pacific Northwest brings with it many challenges.  There is the 9-10 months of rain, which Northwesterners refer to a liquid sunshine.  There is the pressure to recycle.  You have to hide out from the coffee cults up here.  Coffee is like a religion in the Northwest.

Then there is the fact that there is no really good Mexican food to be found anywhere and no In-N-Out Burger!  No Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.  No Magic Mountain.

What bugs me the most though, is the transformation of the Duck fans  to obnoxious elitists in such a short span.

I have come across folks who have never talked about sports in the many years that I have known them, and then overnight they are die hard Ducks fans.  Where do they do that at?  Obviously, they do that in the Pacific Northwest.

Where were you when they were 5-6 in 2004?  Where were you all those years when success was defined by making it to the Holiday Bow, Las Vegas Bowl, or the Sun Bowl?

Duck fans were also quick to delight in the punishment handed down to USC by the NCAA.  They wanted to call USC a dirty program because a player was tied to an agent and received improper benefits.  Never mind that the program had nothing to do with it, it was forces outside of the program and in no way tied to the program.

Then the NCAA came knocking on the Ducks’ door over the past year, implicating the program and the athletic program in a major recruiting violation.  The response of the fans here in Oregon to this news?

“Well, everyone is dirty and pays for recruits, we just got caught.”

It should be interesting around here when the NCAA invalidates all of the recent success this program has been having.

For all the success that the Ducks have had over that last three plus seasons, that has not exactly translated into bowl success or NFL talent.  They have won one of the three BCS Bowls they have played in over this span.  They have had exactly eight players selected in the NFL draft in the last three drafts and only one has been taken before the third round.

Over the same span, USC has produced 19 NFL draft picks including three that were taken in the first round.

The Ducks have been successful with their scheme, but their scheme and program are not conducive to producing NFL caliber players.  This should tell any top recruit that if you want to be an NFL player and not just a system guy, stay away from Oregon and strongly consider USC.

Eventually a scheme will be developed to stop your scheme.  That scheme just might be loaded with talent and if you don’t have the talent to match-up, well then you just become a Duck stranded in the water.

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  • Duck-in-LA

    What a douchbag!

    • Guest


  • Ben

    Whaaaa. Entitled Spoiled Child lamenting on Oregon’s decade of dominance, including a winning record against Pete and Lame. Maybe ought to focus more attention on drop from #1 to #17 in the polls and losses to Stanford and UA. Hello Vegas Bowl, welcome back to bowl eligibility (duck, gunfire) men of Troy.

    • http://twitter.com/biggil91 Gillie

      I would like to point out that the Ducks haven’t been dominate for a decade though. Maybe half a decade, where they have won 5 of their 10 conference titles. In contrast, USC has won 38 which includes 7 straight from 2002-2008. They have also won 11 national titles.

  • SanClementeDuck

    Well Charles, I have the inverse perspective that you do – I am an Oregon native now living in SoCal. One thing your report ignores is the number of converts to the Duck fanbase that live here in the southland. I don’t think there are any Oregonians suddenly becoming SC fans – but there are a lot of Oregon stickers on cars with California license plates here. The reason is simple – why would anybody choose a “spoiler” team to support, when they can support a winner. One thing that you do point out is the elitest attitude (unearned for many years) that SC displays. Oregon earned their place, while SC rests on their laurels and expects to be invited to the big time just because they are SC (can you say “entitlement”)? SC will get everybody’s respect when they earn it, and they won’t do it by spearing and kicking opposing QB’s heads in order to eliminate the threat. No, they must earn the wins and respect with honest effort and teamwork – something that has been lacking for some time. For now, I am hoping that I will see a different SC at Saturday’s game than the one we have seen all season – one that comes to compete rather than one that expects to win because they are SC.

    • http://twitter.com/biggil91 Gillie

      Lacking for some time? I are you forgetting the record 7 consecutive conference championships from 2002-2008. That wasn’t that long ago. I run across a lot of native Oregonians that are USC fans. Typically most Ducks fans that I have come in contact with lately are bandwagon fans.

      • SanClementeDuck

        History is irrelevant in college FB, it’s all about now – read “Win The Day”. And right now SC is mediocre, to say the least. If they were a great team, they would be repeating year after year – kinda like Alabama. Like I said, sitting on their laurels. So, I would like to see SC rise to their potential – god knows they have that – and turn potential into performance. Let’s see if we can then dump some SEC teams regularly. BTW, I also love coffee and rain.

        • allthegoodnamesweregone2

          I agree about the rising to their potential thing. And can we just all agree that rivalries like this are good for the Pac-12? It makes the conference better and more competitive against other…..annoying/arrogant…..conferences. Because we all know that everyone outside the Deep South watches CFB mainly for the thrill of watching the SEC lose on occasion. Haha.

      • allthegoodnamesweregone2

        I believe SanClem was referring to USC’s lack of honest effort and teamwork, not their success in the Pac-12.

      • cuthbert51

        That is a bit convenient of you. Let’s look at it:

        2002 – were co-champs. Not true champs.
        2003 – Legit champs. NC
        2004 – after forfeits, didn’t win conference.
        2005 – all games forfeit. Not champs.
        2006 – were co-champs. Not true champs.
        2007 – were co-champs. Not true champs.
        2008 – were co-champs. Not true champs.

        What Oregon is going to do, 3 consecutive legit, straight-up Pac titles has never been done. And no, they won’t lose any to sanctions.

  • http://fansided.com/ Michael Castillo

    Pressure to recycle is the worst.

  • http://twitter.com/TimTolleyFS Tim Tolley

    When exactly is the Chip Kelly investigation going to be complete? You know, the one where he wrote checks and thank you letters to the creepy guy in Texas…

  • dfed

    Sounds like Troy is scared. Oregon fans have been around for a long time and in great numbers, we have a 83 game sell out streak, going back to 1999. The Coliseum is much bigger but considering Southern Cals population your fan base is not nearly as loyal. Ducks have beat USC 8 of the last 14 times, so it is beating Troy is not new or a fluke. True USC recruits way better then the ducks, but they do way less with the talent they have. All of our 5 star athletes are doing well in the NFL or they are still playing for the ducks. Many of our 4 star, 3 star and athletes who did not get stars are in the NFL. Dispite a team filled with 5 and 4 star athletes USC is still an average team not living up to potential. How many of your 5 star athletes never made it? What is sad is that some players who sit on the USC bench might start and be household names if they played for oregon. Better coaching and better systems for at least the last 14 years. Oregon has been the most underrated team this century as far as preseason rankings and where they ended up. Fact, USC will have more talent this weekend but will stll likely loose. I went to school in Southern Cal and our summers in the North West are way better, but I do miss In-N- Out burger

  • pac12dominace

    The fact that the lame so called bandwagon duck fans are the only one who care to comment on your post should tell you something… keep drinking your USC coolaid and show some respect where its due… everyonbe likes the litlte kid who beats up on the big kid with the ego… sorry if we don’t get a string of 5 star NFL talent to keep embarrassing with losses we should win. they are expected to be first round NFL kids. just imagine what the ducks would do with a USC recruiting class… we dominate you without them

  • http://www.facebook.com/alphonse.bilicic Alphonse Bilicic

    I love how you mention a “Major Recruiting Violation” for “paying its players”, when its been proven already that they wrote out the check to a recruiting service. Yes, the check was higher than it probably should have been, but no, they did not “pay” a player.
    Aside from that. I am all for listening to people bad mouthing a team. There are sports writers who make a living doing so. But at least research what you are writing about. As stated, we have sold out for over 10 years (longer than USC).
    I certainly never delighted when USC received their bowl ban. I was actually extremely upset when USC lost to BOTH Stanford and UA. I wanted to face USC when they were considered the best, so when the Ducks beat them, it meant something. It would show a shift of power. But now, due to your losses (which you should have won), if we beat you, it doesn’t mean anything.
    You better win out in the south (aside from losing to us) so we can face you again in the PAC12 Championship.
    I not only want to beat the Trojans on Saturday, but I want to beat them again. If you take 2 losses from the Ducks this season, maybe it will humble your fan base.
    Either way, good luck on Saturday. I hope for a good game. Please dont beat yourself with penalties and turnovers. I want the win when your at your best.

    • http://www.facebook.com/alphonse.bilicic Alphonse Bilicic

      And sorry for the no separation of paragraphs. It looked like they were as I wrote, but I guess they aren’t. :/

      • http://fansided.com/ Michael Castillo

        Ha! Yeah, Disqus is like that sometimes. Should be a great game on Saturday, looking forward it to. Wish the hype was much as it would have been had the Trojans beaten Arizona, but it still should be a rocking Coliseum on Saturday night.

    • http://twitter.com/biggil91 Gillie

      I never stated that the Ducks were guilty of paying its players. I just stated that USC was in no way connected to the improper benefits its player was responsible for getting. The agent was not affiliated with the school, the program, and was not a booster. The money that changed hands was not to get the player to the school or keep the player at the school, but essentially to get the player to go pro.
      On the other hand, the Ducks grossly overpaid a phony recruiting service to get players to Eugene. The school cut the checks. The head coach was involved.

  • Harry Potter

    In spite of everything that you just wrote, the Oregon Ducks are still the three-time defending Pac-12 Champs and on track for a fourth consecutive conference title, are well on their way to their second appearance in the BCS Title Game in the last three years, and are very likely going to go into the L.A. Coliseum this Saturday and crush the USC Trojans, who despite all of their usual hype already have two losses.

    • http://fansided.com/ Michael Castillo

      Yes, you’re exactly right. Although to be fair, this is only the second time the Trojans have been ‘over hyped’, especially in comparison to Oregon. Even when SC lost shots at the BCS in 2006, 2007 and 2008, they rallied to win the Pac-12 and only in 2007 did it look like they wouldn’t be able to. In 2009 though, they were definitely over hyped, as with this season due to the results to date.

    • http://twitter.com/biggil91 Gillie

      All four of those conference titles will be vacated and they were won when USC wasn’t at full strength.

      • allthegoodnamesweregone2

        Oh, sorry, we’ll pause all of college football while SC gets back to full strength. And dude, you’ve got Oregon all wrong. You can talk about them not producing NFL-caliber players all day, but for the time-being, their program is kicking butt. Oregon has been making the most out of the talent they have. Frankly, USC has squandered their recent talent (see this season’s record for evidence of that). Don’t worry, USC will be the power of the Pac-12 again someday (probably fairly soon). But don’t whine about things now; just accept it. And as for Duck fans coming out of the woodwork? You come from the land of the bandwagon fan. Come on, my non-USC-alumnus friend! Let’s be real. How can someone who cheers for an LA team even talk about that? The Lakers – the freaking Los Angeles Lakers – play right down the road from the Trojans. I say it again: the Lakers! The team that every moron dipsh*t and non-LA resident roots for come playoff time. There will always be bandwagoners. Don’t use that to bash a team or program. Otherwise you better start pointing the finger at other SC fans.

  • Another duck in la

    Coming from a USC fan this is rich. Have you ever been to a Ducks game? Likely not. The Ducks have maintained a strong fan base much longer than USC has even had a program. They have the second longest standing sold-out attendance record in college football and maintain this level of dedication even during mediocrity. This is more than I can say for the average USC fan that leaves the coliseum for frat row (usually by halftime) and will gladly throw their entire team and coaching staff under the bus with a few losses. And all non-USC fans cheered for the sanctions that were handed down. Who likes a program that spends the most money on recruiting but feels they need to spend more through cheating? Not cool.

    • http://twitter.com/biggil91 Gillie

      Yes, I have been to a few Ducks games. I will also point out that I was not taking shots at the real Ducks fans and their great fan base. I was talking about all the new Ducks fans that have only became fans because the team was winning. I know quite a few of them in the Portland Metro area. And those fans that act as if the Ducks have a rich winning tradition.
      As far as recruiting expenses, Oregon spends the most in the conference on recruiting. They average $3700 per male athlete a total of $922k+ where as USC averages $2000 per male athlete a total of $680k+ (per data compiled by businessofcollegesports.com from the Dept of Education).

  • 83ORAlum

    So, the Ducks have attracted new fans to add to their long-time, deep and enthusiastic fan base, and you try to make this a bad thing? The Oregon Ducks football team is fun to watch and they win. You can’t beat that. Of course, the more exposure they get on the national arena, the larger their fan base will become, and that includes Oregonians who maybe thought football was boring but are finding out it can actually be exciting. Jealous much?

  • pdxgoducks

    “Where do they do that at?” Its great to get an english lesson from a SoCal dude. What you really need in LA is a professional football team. My gosh you’ve got something like 13 million people and can’t find a pro team that will hang there. Go ahead and talk about past glory and being a NFL feeder but this is college football and LA teams, always media darlings, are only average on the field. I was saddened to see that another shooting took place on the USC campus. That must really impress the recruits.

  • Green is Gold

    Keep your finger off the “submit” button until after USC gets through a season without 82 penalties before November, without losing to Stanford & Arizona, without having USC recruits like Max Redfield (Mission Viejo) making a trip to Eugene — in the rain. Yes, Mr. Redfield will also enjoy a fresh cup of jo while he looks over the standout facilities and staff.

    82? Is that USC’s system to counter Kelly’s system? Actually, that’s about how many pushups the Ducks mascot does every game… Enjoy your McCafe.

  • Green Grad

    Oregon fans are talking about the Civil War against #13 Beavers, not whoever it is they play this weekend. Stanford should be interesting, though.
    At least Kelly’s second team will have another chance this weekend to play most of the game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/1Sweet.D Damion Anderson

    Sounds like someone is a sore loser. Pick one team that sucked for a long period of time and didn’t have massive bandwagon jumping fans once they got good. It happens everywhere. Even at your school son. Check out your fan stats after you guys sucked your way through the 90′s. Also, might wanna proof read your article. Many grammar mistakes. And just an FYI anyone who calls someone an elitist is an elitist themselves. Try re phrasing your thoughts into questions and you may not come off as such an elitist yourself.

  • AzDuck

    Like someone already said, there are many Oregonians living throughout the west coast and As the ducks continue to climb, many new Oregon fans will be jumping on board. I live in AZ and was blown away by all the Ducks fans at the ASU game. But seriously what good teams don’t have bandwagon fans. Certainly SC had its share in the early 2000′s. Furthermore I think most true ducks fan will agree that a strong USC makes for a better, high rated PAC-12. I can’t stand the SEC so the stronger the PAC-12 is as a whole, the better off all teams in the conference will be. It was a good game yesterday. Barkley and Lee are amazing to watch and I hope we play USC again in the championship.