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Pac-12 Recruiting: Washington's Eight Commitments Show Power of Tosh Lupoi

There’s plenty of smiling, fist pumping and woofing going on in Seattle today, as Steve Sarkisian, Tosh Lupoi and the Washington Huskies have picked up an astounding eight commitments towards the Class of 2013 today, per the Twitter feed of Scout’s Greg Biggins.

Surely, it’s a moment of strength for UW and arguably a ‘drop the gauntlet’ moment in terms of recruiting clout in relationship to the likes of USC, Stanford and Oregon.

The Huskies hosted a slew of recruits on campus as part of a summer recruiting camp, and to have nearly an entire playing field commit on the spot in Montlake is just incredible. For comparisons sake, USC hosted the Rivals Rising Star camp earlier this week but didn’t pick up a single verbal commitment, although offensive tackle Nico Falah is rumored to be a silent commit.

So who exactly pledged their name to the Huskies this morning? Receivers Rashead Johnson and Demorea Stringfellow, defensive linemen Daeshon Hall, Elijah Qualls and Andrew Basham, offensive tackle Poasi Moala, running back Lavon Coleman and linebacker Caleb Tucker.

Daeshon Hall decommitted from Texas yesterday, according to Brian Spaen at, and was considering trips to Pac-12 powers USC and Oregon. With Lupoi serving as the defensive line coach at Washington, the stealing of a 3-Star commit from Texas to Washington is huge, when you consider that Hall’s hometown is just a three hour drive from Austin.

But it goes to show that anything can happen with Lupoi, as he can spin around recruits more than anyone, as seen with Shaq Thompson earlier this year.

Lupoi’s yet to put his hand in the USC cookie jar, but grabbing Elijah Qualls, who was tied to the Trojans as well, is big first step. Now, is he going to suddenly go after Kenny Bigelow and bring him up to Seattle? Probably not. But, his ability bond with recruits and hit home with high school kids is dangerous for the Pac-12, and more so now with Washington, considering that Sarkisian is a strong recruiter himself, and the UW athletic department is more motivated to win in football than Cal.

Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron are a dream team of recruiters, but with Sarkisian and Lupoi chugging along up north and scholarship limitations reducing the size of USC’s haul for the time being, it’ll be interesting to see how the recruiting landscape changes, if at all, in the next five years. Today, nonetheless, is a big step towards seeing some change.

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  • justin

    But we still managed to steal Zach Banner and Max Brown…

    • Michael Castillo

      Geographically, sure. Browne was never going to go to UW though. Banner considered them, but I don’t recall him ever being committed.

      • DawgsRBack

        Banner never considered UW. His bio dad (Lincoln Kennedy who played at the UW always wanted to play at USC). Browne didn’t consider the UW since they just signed two 4 star QB’s this last year. Only a matter of time before Kiffin screws up USC, even with the talent they have.

        • Michael Castillo

          I disagree with Kiffin. I don’t know if it’s a matter of him growing up, being scared of screwing up his so-called ‘dream job’, or being suppressed by USC’s SID, but he’s not the same guy that he was at Tennessee. Maybe it’s perception and he’s learned to curb his public persona, but he really is more subdued and mature now.

  • BiggusDuckus

    “Surely, it’s a moment of strength for UW and arguably a ‘drop the
    gauntlet’ moment in terms of recruiting clout in relationship to the
    likes of USC, Stanford and Oregon.”

    LOL. I don’t know about USC or Stanford, but none of these eight commits between them held a single offer from the Ducks.

    • rainy day

      Because Oregon sets the standard, USC beat who last year in Eugene? LOL your right, Oregon does not recruit 4* kids. Look at the profiles of the players you arrogant idiot.

      • BiggusDuckus

        It’s about context. Oregon does recruit 4 and 5 star kids. They’ve been beating the hell out of most of the conference, and certainly the Pac-12 North, using 3 star recruits and Bellotti hold overs.

        If Kelly wanted none of these guys, and he didn’t, it’s for very specific reasons. Look at dawgman, they allege we never offer this early, but that’s a lie because we have 4 and 5 star commits already. What we don’t have is just ten spots remaining in June. UW isn’t Texas, lol.

        So, Tosh has orchestrated a mass commit party. Whoop-de-do. It doesn’t matter who UW lands. With Sark as the shot caller, continued mediocrity is all but guaranteed.

        • Dawgfather91

          Someone a little stirred up over the news this morning, lol.

        • eagoldb

          Oregon didn’t pursue these players because they weren’t available for $25k worth of video.

        • SourQuackers

          Me thinks this duck doth protest too much. A nerve has clearly been stricken. Let’s see how mouthy he is when Fat Chip has to answer some tough questions later this summer from the NCAA.

        • DawgsRBack

          “If Kelly wanted none of these guys…” You must have graduated from Duckland. You’re ticked because you know th Ducks are on the decline, that your team is going to go on probation, and your team has maybe 1 or 2 good years left. Hope the view is nice on the way down!

    • Michael Castillo

      The story isn’t necessarily the players though. It’s a big deal as to how it happened and the power at which Sark and Lupoi can recruit, as they turned a summer camp into eight commitments at once. That just doesn’t happen, and it’s crazy. Sure, Oregon or Stanford or USC might not have been in on some of the certain guys, but that doesn’t take away from the story.

    • Astroboy888

      From what I read and heard via radio interviews, Oregon’s offer process works very differently as opposed any other Pac-12 schools. Oregon will only offer if a prospect has a work out on campus and their coaching staff has a chance to evaluate them. That means they will only offer if a recruit shows interest then ultimately makes an visit to Eugene.

      Since none of these commits have shown interest in Oregon enough to step on campus, they won’t be offered. This doesn’t mean that Oregon has not approached these recruits to see if they would be interested to come visit Oregon.

      However, if Oregon has not filled up their numbers by 1 or 2 months before the signing period, they do send out multiple offers to prospects left on board and hopes to get a few as they have tried with multiple uncommitted Pac-12 prospects left on the board last year.

      Please note that most of these offensive recruits, especially, the highly rated big wide receivers are a much better fit for pro-style (west coast) offenses, so you will see U$C and UW going after the same pool of guys since the offenses are so similar. This doesn’t mean that these guys will fit what Oregon is doing.

      • BiggusDuckus

        Oregon offers all manner of players throughout the process. What they won’t do is accept a commitment from a prospect who has not visited.

  • airmerz

    Hall is originally from Seattle. He did his freshman and sophomore years at Garfield HS in Seattle, and his father still lives there. He has only lived in Texas for one year.
    Rashead Johnson is a 2014 recruit. Just FYI…

  • Dawgfather91

    Qualls offers:
    10 of 12 PAC – *ucks and ferd
    Nebraska, Michigan, Boise and Arkansas among others

    Zona, Zona st, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, ND, Ohio St, UCLA, USC

    Darshon Hall:
    Baylor, Missouri, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech

    These guys were National recruits, the others had PAC offers. This was a huge day in recruiting for UW. Kids that have SC, Texas, Michigan, Nebraska, etc. mean they can play anywhere.

  • i smell roses

    Actually, Daeshon Hallwent to Garfield High school for a time and has many relatives and friends in Seattle. So he is very familiar with the 206. GO DAWGS

  • UJ

    You sound like one of the 7th graders from Greece, NY.