USC Basketball: 3 ways to unlock Boogie Ellis' potential next season

Evan Desai
Boogie Ellis, USC Basketball, USC Trojans
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USC Basketball Guard Boogie Ellis has the opportunity to be an NBA player at this time next year. He was pondering it this offseason, but decided to come back to college for another year, just to be sure. Will he play in the NBA next year, for sure? Well, that remains to be seen. That being said, there are three ways for Ellis to surely get to that type of player this upcoming season.

While there are many things he can do on his own to develop as a player, the coaching staff can help him get to the level he wants in the remainder of the offseason, as well as during the season. Ellis put up 12.5 points per contest last year, and shot 41.7/37.6/79.8. It was a good season, and one that earned him an Honorable Mention for All-Pac 12.

He's got room for improvement still, in what will likely be a slightly altered role with him playing more often as the primary point guard. In order to unlock his full potential though, it starts with something that everyone, regardless of their role, will need to be better with this season.

No. 3 way for USC basketball to unlock Boogie Ellis' potential next season: Work with him at the free throw line

USC basketball was awful as a whole at the free throw line, and while Boogie Ellis was pretty solid there, he still could use some work. He shot 79.8%, which is a good number, but not quite NBA level yet for a point guard. This is an attainable goal for Ellis, though, who drastically improved from where he was at his last stop; Memphis.

Ellis shot 67.3% from the charity stripe in two years at Memphis. He's already made a big jump since he made the move to L.A., and there's no reason he can't make another jump this year. With how bad the team was at the stripe last season, the coaching staff better make it a priority to focus on this offseason. If they do, Ellis will be a much better player because of it.