USC Basketball: 3 things for Boogie Ellis to work on this summer

Boogie Ellis, Andy Enfield, USC Basketball, USC Trojans
Boogie Ellis, Andy Enfield, USC Basketball, USC Trojans / Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard / USA
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As the USC basketball star, Boogie Ellis enters his senior season, he may be one of the most NBA-ready prospects in the nation. Ellis is an immensely talented point guard, whose potential shines through the roof. From handling the basketball to scoring at all three levels, Ellis brings the whole package.

After spending two seasons with the University of Memphis, Ellis transferred to USC in hopes of more opportunities. Everything has come together for Ellis as he is coming off the best season of his college basketball career. Last season, Ellis averaged 12.5 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 2.4 assists while shooting 41.7% from the field, and 37.6% from the three-point line.

Although these numbers may look great, Ellis must work on several areas of his game if he wants to succeed at the professional level. NBA teams will be looking for a guard who has what it takes to contribute to winning games. If Ellis improves in these areas of his game, USC basketball could be in for a treat next season. In addition, there will be a high chance that he could be selected early in the 2023 NBA draft.

No. 3 thing for USC Basketball's Boogie Ellis to work on this summer: Free-throw shooting

Next season, USC basketball will need Boogie Ellis to become the best free-throw shooter possible. Smaller guards must be elite free-throw shooters if they want to further their professional careers. Although Ellis did shoot 79.8% from the free-throw line last season, he had numerous games below 70%.

During his first two seasons playing college basketball, Ellis shot below 70% on less than three attempts per game. Despite making the jump to almost 80% through his junior season, Ellis should be aiming for over 85%. Additionally, Ellis should work on getting to the free-throw line more often, as they are easy points that can be scored.

In close games, having reliable players who consistently knock down free throws can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Ellis had eight games below 70% from the free-throw line last season. Free-throw shooting is an area that Ellis must work on, especially if he wants to be considered a true three-level scorer.