Top 5 USC basketball highlights as the Trojans blew through Oregon in the Sweet 16

By Alicia de Artola
Mar 29, 2021, 9:47 AM PDT
USC basketball star Evan Mobley.
USC basketball star Evan Mobley. | Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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Ethan Anderson's no look finish

Ethan Anderson isn't the Trojan you'd most associate with scoring. His job is to come off the bench and facilitate the offense with a more straight-forward point guard approach. In fact, the sophomore made just one shot against Oregon, but it was a thing of beauty.

Anderson cut towards the basket, lept, adjusted his body in mid-air to avoid a defender then scooped the ball up without looking. The ball arced in, easy as could be.

That's as good of a no-look, underhand finish as you'll see in the tournament.

The context of the shot was great too. White had just hit his triple and stared down the Oregon bench. The Trojans led by just two. The game was still very much in the balance. Anderson used all of his to make sure that ball went down and the lead expanded to 21-17.

Anderson finished with those two points alone, one rebound and one assist (the one that set up White). He also committed four turnovers, so it wasn't his best night. Still, he did his part in an outstanding Trojan victory, providing one of the highlights of the NCAA Tournament run to boot.