Bru McCoy transfer: 3 realistic destinations for USC Wide Receiver

Evan Desai
Dec 18, 2020; Los Angeles, California, USA; Southern California Trojans wide receiver Bru McCoy (4)
Dec 18, 2020; Los Angeles, California, USA; Southern California Trojans wide receiver Bru McCoy (4) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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JT Daniels
Jan 10, 2022; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Georgia Bulldogs quarterback JT Daniels (18) against the / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

USC football standout wide receiver Bru McCoy has entered the transfer portal, and there isn't a ton of clear direction when it comes to where he's going to go.

It could come down to a bunch of schools, and we don't REALLY know what McCoy wants. McCoy has been a confusing character when it comes to the transfer portal before. This is his third time entering the portal; leaving USC originally in 2019 due to Kliff Kingsbury leaving the Trojans, and then transferring right back a few months later due to homesickness.

McCoy has had a turbulent ride beyond those transfers at USC. He was arrested in July for suspicion of domestic violence on a spouse or someone else who lives with him, and as a result he didn't play a down at SC this year. My best take on where he lands hits on three specific schools.

No. 3 realistic transfer destination for USC Wide Receiver Bru McCoy: Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia in the past has been more lenient and accepting of players with off-the-field concerns. It truly goes back to when Mark Richt was the coach, but it hasn't stopped with Kirby Smart's reign. In fact, there was a time in 2019 where Smart had four of his players arrested in just the last month.

I'm not trying to imply that Smart is some bad guy or anything like that, but it's true that Georgia has not had the cleanest record when it comes to signing players with off-the-field questions. Right now, there's a lot of uncertainty with McCoy's off-the-field situation. All I'm saying is that it's simply possible that Georgia will be more willing to look past that than some other schools.

Let's also not forget that one of Georgia's QBs, JT Daniels, is a former teammate of McCoy's at both Mater Dei High School and USC.