4 USC football fan favorites reveal their all-time favorite Trojans

Evan Desai
Lofa Tatupu, USC Football, USC Trojans
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No. 3 USC football fan favorite who revealed his all-time favorite Trojan: Shaun Cody

Another USC Football National Champion (two-time National Champion, to be exact) Shaun Cody listed two Trojans as his all-time favorites. One was ex-USC LB Lofa Tatupu, who he won both his National Championships with. Tatupu had SEVEN picks as a LINEBACKER in both those National Championship years.

As a result, he was drafted in the second round by the Seattle Seahawks (45th overall). He went on to have three seasons with over 100 tackles and made a First-Team All-Pro squad in 2007.

Matt Grootegoed was the other all-time favorite Trojan he listed alongside Tatupu. Grootegoed won those two Natties with Cody and Tatupu as well. He had FIVE picks in 2004 to pile onto Tatupu's already fantastic three.

Remember, they did this as backers. Grootegoed was one of SC's 82 Consensus All-Americans, as was Cody. They both received the honors in 2004. Grootegoed played in the NFL with Cody in 2005 with Detroit.