3 players that can will USC football to the College Football Playoff

Evan Desai
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
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USC football has been predicted by some analysts to make the College Football Playoff this season. While most people (including most USC Trojans fans) simply sit back and roll their eyes at those predictions, it's important to analyze why these analysts have such high hopes for Southern California.

It's due to a rather all-star roster that USC has on offense. They have studs all over that side of the ball, and will certainly keep this team competent even if the defense looks as bad as many expect it to. These players are so talented, though, that they could possibly even will them to the Playoff.

While it's not likely, there are three players in particular on the offense who can will this Trojans team to CFP glory. If Riley can make his fourth CFP appearance in six years of coaching, despite taking over a 4-8 team for his last one, he'll deserve his flowers. It means he really continued to develop these three at an incredibly elite level.

No. 3 player that can will USC football to the College Football Playoff: Andrew Vorhees

USC Football LT/LG is the best interior lineman in football, and was ranked so by Pro Football Focus. He's also elite as a left tackle, too, as his performance didn't dip when the team kept having to use him there in 2021. He's the type of lineman that makes the rest of his teammates up front look better.

Vorhees is the only lineman in the country last season to have recorded BOTH a 90+ PFF pass-blocking grade AND 90+ PFF run-blocking grade. He only allowed one sack total last season despite having to constantly change positions. He gives USC a chance to let the offense hum when he's doing his thing to protect who's behind him.