Bru McCoy reportedly mulling a return to USC football after Texas transfer

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In January, Bru McCoy enrolled with USC football, then transferred to Texas. Now, he is reportedly considering pulling the full 360 to return to the Trojans.

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One of the weirdest transfer sagas of 2019 may get a lot weirder this week as Bru McCoy apparently ponders returning to USC football after a semester in Texas.

The former five-star wide receiver, who committed, signed and enrolled at USC in January only to transfer to Texas after two weeks, is now on the verge of leaving the Longhorns, according to reports from Chris Trevino of and Taylor Estes of Horns247.

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While McCoy could still opt to remain at Texas, the possibility of his transfer back to USC is very much alive.

It’s also a potential cautionary tale.

McCoy was expected to apply for a waiver to make him instantly eligible to play for the Longhorns, but it’s not clear if that was ever granted. After a second transfer in the span of six months, the NCAA may not be so willing to extend the waiver. That could mean a forced redshirt season for the gifted freshman.

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Of course, if they’re feeling generous, McCoy could be free to play for the Trojans in 2019 as though none of the transfer business had happened. Relying on NCAA generosity is rarely satisfying though.

All of this is contingent on McCoy actually throwing his name back into the transfer portal, which has yet to happen.

If it does, there seems to be little question that the Trojans have or could make room to get McCoy back in the fold.

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How can USC fans process this latest development?

It could be as simple as welcoming back a talented athlete who would no doubt strengthen the Trojan receiving corps, whenever he is eligible to suit up.

The more complex side of it is coming to grips with a player who publicly embarrassed the Trojans by jumping ship to Texas in an already tumultuous period for the program.

There are worse things than a bout of teenage fickleness though. And the first time McCoy takes a pass into the endzone for the Trojans, all would certainly be forgiven.