2016 USC Football Valentine’s Day Cards

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like sharing a Valentine’s Day card with that special USC football fan in your life.

On this, the most joyous Hallmark Holiday of them all, lovers from around the world will bask in the one day of the year in which both affection and romance are guilted in abundance.

Poems will be googled. Roses will be bought. Candle light dinners will be had. November babies will be spawned.

Whether you’re spending the night endlessly chewing on your husband’s first ever partially grilled salmon, in line at your favorite LA Live eatery which conveniently forgot to take your reservation or simply scarfing down a quart of chocolate chip cookie dough while you watch your favorite Gilmore Girls episode, we’ve got you covered with USC football themed Valentine’s Day cards.

Make someone special and send them a semi-witty love note they’ll cherish forever. In no way whatsoever will they judge you for doing so.









On behalf of everyone in the Reign of Troy team and throughout the FanSided network, we wish you a very happy and joyous Valentine’s Day. Remember to keep it safe and make love with a Trojan.

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