New USC Fight Song is Pure Internet Gold

September is a time for rally cries, slogan hashtags and hype videos, but we guarantee you’ve never heard anything quite like the new USC fight song which hit the internet this month.

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Feast your ears on this:

Golden Boy AKA Fospassin composed the rather informative jam about the USC football team, telling fans about the “amazing team” that the Trojans are, while also filling in some key facts about the team’s history, including their 11 national titles and 36 conference titles.

Seriously, this might be the greatest thing to ever hit the internet with regards to USC. We can’t stop listening.

And surely, USC football fans will agree that, as Golden Boy says, they “need more national titles.”

Of course, this does not only extend to the Trojans. Fans of Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Florida State and others can enjoy their very own team anthems in similar style.

Golden Boy is from Cameroon but resides in Marietta, GA where he produces music influenced by the hip hop, pop, reggae and dance genres. According to his Facebook page, “He has been called ‘The King of Monkey Dance,’ a ‘Bob Marley and Tupac revolution,’ and the ‘ultimate singer/songwriter for the 21st-century music lover.’

One thing is for sure however, the Spirit of Troy needs to be on high alert.

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