Best USC Football Players vs. Every Pac-12 School

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While some are defined by their careers as USC football players, others are remembered for their impacts in certain games.

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It could not be truer than than for iconic Trojan tailbacks Sam Cunningham and Anthony Davis. Their legacies are nearly solely defined by their performances against Alabama and Notre Dame, respectively.

Cunningham’s 135 yards against Bear Bryant’s Crimson Tide in 1970 is famous for its role in accelerating desegregation in the South.

Meanwhile, Davis’s 10 career touchdowns against Notre Dame, including a comeback-inducing performance in 1974, gave him the moniker of ‘Notre Dame killer’.

But those two USC greats are not alone. Other Trojans have made their marks by specifically slaying other teams over the years. Who are they? Let’s walk through the cardinal and gold nemeses of every Pac-12 school.