USC Football: Su’a Cravens Wants Alternate Uniforms


Put Su’a Cravens vote for alternate uniforms in the “Yes” column. The junior linebacker told reporters at Pac-12 media days that he is a fan of last year’s shiny helmets and would like a matte black look for USC football.

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“I love the shiny helmets,” Cravens said, adding that he would welcome changes to USC’s style. “I’m all about traditions but I wouldn’t mind a matte black uniform.”

Taking USC out of the equation, Cravens said that it was no question, Oregon has the best uniforms in the conference.

“They have so many different combinations, just the color, the swag that they have and the different combinations they do,” Cravens said.

And it is not just an issue of looks. Cravens argues that the Ducks hold a recruiting advantage because of their distinct look.

“That’s a recruiting strategy just off their jerseys alone. I know a bunch of guys back in my hometown that say I would love to go to Oregon just to wear the uniforms,” Cravens said. “If you’re pulling in recruits like that you’re a step ahead of everyone else.”

Still, he is under no illusions about what makes a great program.

“Uniforms don’t make the players great, the players make the team great. They just happen to look good while they’re doing it.”

Earlier this week a report from Scott Wolf of the Daily News indicated that USC is exploring the option of wearing an alternate uniform in the 2016 season.

For now, USC’s schedule poster for this coming season features the shiny helmets with the chrome facemask pretty prominently. Whether or not the Trojans wear them again remains to be seen.

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