25 Best USC Football Traditions

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24. Song Girls

No squad of cheerleaders in college football is more iconic in their own right than USC’s Song Girls, clad in their classic white sweaters with cardinal and gold trim and sneakers.

It’s a look that has stayed virtually unchanged compared to modern day cheer uniforms. And is so traditional that even when alternative looks have snuck into the mix in recent years, they’ve faced as much scorn –if not more so– than the idea of the Trojans’ football jerseys changing.

That tradition in many ways has made the Song Girls the face of the university and an enormous part of the school’s culture.

First established in 1967, the Song Girls have traveled the world several times over and are a mainstay at every USC football game, home and away. The squad performs a dance routine during each Spirit of Troy field show, showing a repertoire of modern, jazz and ballet dance techniques.