30 Things You Didn’t Know Were Created by USC Alumni

Staff- Reign of Troy
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If there’s one thing that USC is known for outside of football, it’s producing a bevy of noteworthy and talented alumni across a wide range of industries.

There’s famous actors, critically acclaimed directors, decorated heads of state, historic astronauts, renowned architects, innovative engineers and GRAMMY Award winners.

With all of that have come creations by USC alumni that have made impacts in the film industry, medical field and much more.

Some of the Trojan brainchilds are big enough to be paraded on campus, like that of George Lucas and his famed Star Wars. Some are more lesser known. Let’s look at 30 things that you might not have known were created by USC alumni.

Adobe Photoshop

One of, if not the most powerful creative computer program in the world was helped to get off the ground by a Trojan.

Photoshop started as the brainchild of Thomas Knoll, a computer engineer from Michigan. He had a vision of creating an image viewing program on Macintosh computers, but it wasn’t until his brother got involved that Photoshop started coming to life.

That brother was John Knoll –a grad of the USC School of Cinematic Arts– who had bigger plans for the project. Together, the Knoll brothers developed what would come to be known as Photoshop.

Nearly three decades later and after a major acquisition from Adobe in 1989, Photoshop is a juggernaut and used for everything from basic photo editing to the graphic driving force in pop culture.

As for Knoll, he’s had plenty of success outside of Photoshop as one of Hollywood’s most successful visual effects supervisors. He’s worked on films such as the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Harry Potter and Star Wars alongside fellow Trojan George Lucas.