NFL Draft Picks: 50 Best in USC History

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Curtis Conway might have been called a bust early in his career.

The All-American and two-time USC MVP was taken early in the 1993 draft by Chicago, and  was paid a hefty sum of money, to add speed to the Bears’ attack. He struggled, however, to adjust to the colder climate and was slowed by niggling injuries in his first two seasons.

The breakout started in 1995, when he exploded for his first 1,000-yard season and 12 touchdowns. The next year he led the team with yet another 1000-yard showing and seven touchdowns.

Conway failed to make the Pro Bowl in either year and ultimately, the Bears let him go in 1999 when his production slipped, partly due to injury.

He enjoyed a productive three-year period with the Chargers before stints with the Jets and the 49ers.

While his career never took off the way it could have, Conway sits No. 5 all-time among Bears receivers, which all-in-all, means that first round pick turned out pretty alright.