NFL Draft Picks: 50 Best in USC History

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

No college football program has had a history of producing NFL players like the USC Trojans. Going into 2015, there have been 487 USC NFL Draft picks, including a plethora of starters, stars and an impressive number of Pro Football Hall of Famers.

With all of that history to choose from, we at Reign of Troy delved into stories behind the scenes to rank the men who have had their names called in the NFL Draft.

The criteria for this list does not follow the normal yardsticks employed for “Best in the NFL” rankings. This is not a roster of the greatest Trojans in pro football, though nearly all of the greats make the cut.

Instead, this is an examination of the best draft picks in USC’s history.

With that in mind, production is important with regards to the team which drafted the player rather than over the course of his entire career. When that player was drafted and the circumstances which led to him being chosen were also major factors.

Making the list are names you know and love, names from the past that only your grandfather might know, and others that proved their value by simply being unsung stalwarts.

No, there’s no Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart on the list, but there are Trojans from every decade since 1940, including some NFLers that are still in their relative youth.

Let us begin the run down.