USC Football Ranked as 2nd Best College Football Program

By Hank Shaw

Last year, FanSided ranked USC football as the No. 1 greatest football program of all-time, using college statistics like national championships, Heisman Trophy winners and All-Americans. This year, Niche has taken on a ranking algorithm of their own, and the Trojans come in ranked second behind Ohio State.

Niche, unlike FanSided, took NFL production and student feedback into account, and has heavily weighted data since the year 2000.

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That has given the Buckeyes an edge on the Trojans, as they reached two more BCS bowls and just won the inaugural College Football Playoff last month.

Also, the student survey results have given OSU a slight edge, as they sport a 4.3 out of 5 rating, just ahead of USC’s 4.1 mark.

USC dominated the NFL statistics however, as the 55 active Trojans in the league are more than any other school.

The highest ranked fellow member of the Pac-12 conference are the Oregon Ducks, who come in ranked 11th nationally. Stanford is 17th, while UCLA is 29th. USC rival Notre Dame finished 13th despite never winning BCS game.

Here’s the top 10:

  1. Ohio State
  2. USC
  3. Florida
  4. Alabama
  5. LSU
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Florida State
  8. Miami
  9. Texas
  10. Michigan

For the full rankings and the data that Niche put together, click here. It’s a great way to waste a good 15 minutes.

What say USC fans? Is the No. 2 ranking justifiable? Or are the Trojans the greatest program of all-time? Sound off below.

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