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Pac-10 Roundup

By FanSided Staff

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Jon Wilner of the SJ Mercury News provides insight into the continuing shaping of the Pac-12. As he reports, the leading proposal involves splitting the conference geographically, with the California and Arizona schools in one division and the Northwest schools paired with the newcomers. At the time Colorado joined, it was reported that the Buffaloes expected to be in the same division as the southern California schools because they had a large alumni base there. Also of note, the league television revenue distribution is expected to be changed to placate the schools who feel cut out of the southern California market. The new proposal involves giving each team an equal share of the revenue instead of giving the participants a larger share.

Due to some unimpressive records and USC banned from appearing in a bowl, the Pac-10 could be scrambling to fill its bowl slots.

Several locations are being floated around for a Pac-12 championship game site. They include: Glendale, Arizona, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Las Vegas. Out of this list, Las Vegas is the worst pick. The venue only seats 36,000 and the weather is terrible in December. There is also the possibility that the highest seeded team gets to host.

No matter where the Pac-12 championship game is played in 2011, USC will not be eligible to participate unless its appeal is succesful.