Troy 64: Finding The Greatest USC Football Player of All-Time

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It’s March and the NCAA basketball tournament is alive and well after an exciting first week of action. With the knockout-style field of 64 tournament on everyone’s mind, we at Reign of Troy decided to set out to find the greatest USC football player all-time, in a bracketed field of 64 we’d like to call Troy64. Or if you’re on Twitter, #Troy64.

In the field are players stretching for decades, across every position but long snapper(sorry Will Collins!) and winners of a slew of awards including the Heisman, the Thorpe and the Unitas.

The Bracket

In order to a create a dynamic tournament, Troy64 is seeded one-through-eight in eight pods of position units, within four regions assigned to a style of play.

Quarterbacks and receivers create the Air region, while the Cover region consists of defensive backs and special teamers. On the opposite side of the bracket, running backs and offensive linemen make up the Ground region and defensive linemen and linebackers are together in the Rush region.

With these pods and regions, Troy64 ensures that each round of the tournament has additional stakes in the road to the title of “greatest USC football player of all-time”, in addition to keeping matchups as even as possible. In order for a quarterback to win the title, he’ll have to beat all other quarterbacks first to ensure that’s he’s the greatest USC quarterback, making eight mini tournaments within Troy64.

The Judges

The tournament will be decided by popular vote on head-to-head matchups, with you the people as the deciding vote. In addition to voting for the winners of each round, we strongly encourage you to join us on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #Troy64 to discuss the winners, losers, snubs and upsets.

The Field

The full field of 64 players will be unveiled tonight following a preliminary play-in round to determine the No. 8 seeds in each pod, or position unit. For the announcing of the No. 1 seeds, click on the bracket below and proceed to the next page of the slideshow for a region-by-region breakdown of the play-in round. Included are the top seeds and the voting for the play-in matchups.

In case you’re wondering about two-way starters and special teamers, we’ve placed them in the tournament just once, meaning that Soma Vainuku would be probably have an easier path to a cinderella run from the special teams bracket as opposed to the running backs pod.

The Play-in Round

The first round of the 64-man field kicks off tomorrow –Tuesday, March 25– while a brief play-in round starts today. With the play-in round, it makes for 72 players ultimately finding themselves in the running for the honor of ‘greatest’, as a tribute to the historic 1972 Trojans. Voting for the play-in round will last until 8:00 p.m. Pacific Today (March, 24th), at which point we will unveil the full seeding for the 64-man field, as mentioned above. To begin voting, click on to the next page in the slideshow.

Click over to the next page to vote for players in the play-in round.

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