Apr 4, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; NCAA president Mark Emmert speaks at a press conference in preparation for the men

NCAA Denies USC Football's Request for Sanction Relief

News came out yesterday that Pat Haden had reached out to appeal to the NCAA following Penn State’s sanction relief from Tuesday. It didn’t take Mark Emmert and the NCAA to decide on the Trojans, as they’ve released a statement this morning, denying the request.

“There is no comparison between USC and Penn State,” the NCAA said in a statement, as reported by ESPN’s Joe Schad. “USC’s appeal was denied and there is no further consideration being given.”

The attempt from Haden and VP of Compliance Dave Roberts included a two-day meeting with the NCAA in Indianapolis, using “outside of the box” rationale that hinged on both good behavior and the idea of sanctions being a safety issue.

On Tuesday, Penn State was given a reprieve due to their good behavior in the year since being sanctioned, which explains USC’s stance there. Plus, Kiffin alledged to the media that reduced numbers call for more reps on starters, which in turn forces more wear and tear on said players.

With the NCAA effectively putting this all to bed today, the Trojans must now officially move on, whether or not they feel the actions of the NCAA are fair. They’ve now lost an official appeal, in addition to this plea for additional mitigation.

USC will only be allowed to sign 19 players in the Class of 2014, with at least four of them having to be of the early enrollee variety.

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    Once again the NCAA spits in USC’s face! Fight On Trojans!

  • PenguinOfTroy

    The reason there is no comparison is because USC fought the corrupt system and lost. Penn State let the NCAA bully them into accepting penalties without due process and are getting a pat on the head now for doing so.
    My problem with the NCAA is that they still refuse to acknowledge that the process that condemned USC was inherently flawed. Todd McNair’s lawsuit says everything.

    • Matthew Moreno

      Exactly. Well said

  • Matthew Moreno

    “There is no comparison between USC and Penn State” this statement couldn’t be anymore right. Unfortunately, the NCAA is applying it in the wrong manner.

    Am I surprised with the outcome? No. However, I know Haden asked for a quick response, but the NCAA providing an answer within a matter of a couple of days is shocking.

    Given that I have rendered them untrustworthy, I wouldn’t be surprised if the NCAA really gave no actual thought to matter, believing they can rely on Haden’s request as the reasoning they “decided” so quickly. We’ll never know, of course.

    Also, the notion that USC received “due process” is a sham. Their case was falling on deaf ears.

    I’m really curious in finding out what Haden’s “outside the box” ideas were.

  • http://fansided.com/ Michael Castillo

    I didn’t expect anything to happen, but I thought it would have been reasonable for the NCAA to meet USC halfway. Maybe give back five scholarships or something. Either way though, still not surprised and the outrage, as always, is tired. The NCAA is exactly right that Penn State and USC are entirely different situations, which is why I’m tired of hearing “well this shows that a kid getting money on the side is worse to the NCAA than child rape!” That’s the stupid argument ever. Hopefully, all of this can now just go away and everyone can move on. I hate this phrase, but yeah, I’m over it.

    • Matthew Moreno

      I don’t think the NCAA granting a reduction to Penn State and not USC means what you described above. BUT, I do think what took place at Penn State is much worse than any athlete getting money.

      Did the NCAA overstep its boundaries? Probably. But considering the heinous acts that took place, I don’t necessarily feel bad for what was levied on Penn State.

      Like you said, hopefully we can all move on now.

      • http://fansided.com/ Michael Castillo

        Right, I think asking for a reprieve on the basis of good behavior is really comparable and that’s why USC had to seek it out. Just the crimes are clearly different and never will be.

  • disqus_5mzWKSTg3O

    So, allowing players to receive extra benefits and allowing the rape of children in the locker room essentially deserves the same punishment?

    I wonder if Haden will crawl back under his rock and keep the USC PR machine under lock and key.

  • Rave on!

    So what NCAA is really saying is that child abuse prevention does not need to be monitored too long before it can be considered to be “improved” compared to one player abusing the system without the school’s knowledge. Guess knowing child abuse is occurring on campus is not as serious an offense as not knowing about a player’s discretions.