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Lane Kiffin to Decide on Full-Time USC Quarterback on Monday

After “Fire Lane Kiffin” chants, boos, a mass exodus of fans in a tied game, two poor offensive performances and a disastrous loss to Washington State on Saturday night, the USC head football coach is finally ready to name a quarterback.

The much-maligned head coach told reporters in his weekly conference call that he’ll make the decision on Monday morning, after telling Cody Kessler and Max Wittek in person. And perhaps more importantly, he said he’d come up with the novel idea of a gameplan for that specific quarterback.

Saturday against Washington State, Kiffin made it clear that he didn’t have a gameplan offensively, admitting that his idea was to have the defense win the game and hope the offense didn’t “screw up”. The result was a screwed up offense that lost the game and an inept passing game that Kiffin called “shocking”.

Through two games, USC is the only school in the country that’s yet to complete a 20-yard pass, and= indictment on just how uber-conservative the passing game as been so far.

Kessler and Wittek have essentially played one entire game each, alternating halves. In that time, Kessler is 18-of-32 for 136 yards and a passer rating of 89.76, while Wittek is 8-of-18 with a rating of 75.33. Kessler has two interceptions to Wittek’s one, with each throwing a critical pick that sealed USC’s fate against Washington State.

With that said, who should Kiffin pick as the No. 1? Kessler’s been given extremely conservative passes, while Wittek’s got a bit of a mixed bag of play calls vs. Hawaii, though neither attempted a pass downfield vs. Washington State. Neither has confidence, and judging by the play calls, neither have had confidence from Kiffin.

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  • Mel Willis


  • Throwback

    I don’t have a dog in this hunt but how does Kiffin keep getting hired by big time programs with a public record of mediocrity and worse?

    “Because Davis fired Kiffin “for cause,” he contends that he doesn’t owe him the reported $3.5 million remaining on his contract. That, he said, was Kiffin’s first question when he got the news: Will I still get paid?”

    • Michael Castillo

      Kiffin was considered a phenom when Oakland hired him, and he was USC’s offensive coordinator when they set a record for scoring, so that wasn’t a crazy hire. Tennessee hired him because at the time, the public was backing Kiffin and not Al Davis when he got fired. Many thought that Kiffin was unlucky in Oakland and had potential despite the record. And really, his record in Tennessee wasn’t bad considering that UT was coming off of a bottoming out under Phillip Fulmer. What *WAS* bad, was the dirty image he got in Tennessee and that made it a risky hire for SC. That’s also why Kiffin had a muzzle around him for the first two and half years at SC. And right on cue, once he started getting comfortable and got success under his belt and doing things his way, things have soured.

      So I wouldn’t say that Kiffin has been a bad hire at a string of jobs. The argument can be said that SC shouldn’t have hired him, no doubt. But Tennessee and Oakland? Not buying it.

      • Pridenpoise

        So it’s just a coincidence, that everywhere Kiffin goes problems arise, I’m not saying things were peachy in Oakland when Kiffin was there, but it’s funny how all the do called experts pointed the finger at Al Davis when Kiffin was fired, it didn’t take long for them ALL to back track and say maybe Al knew what he was talking about. USC had plenty of warning that this guy is not a honourable guy, and he definitely doesn’t have his head screwed on straight.

  • dodgerwcp

    Kiffin is so inept it is not even funny. I am embarrassed by his inability to take the
    talent he has and turn it into anything resembling an offensive football team. What does he mean by not having an offensive game plan. Hell….. peewee coaches have a a game plan . FIRE KIFFIN< FIRE KIFFIN< FIRE KIFFIN!

    • Michael Castillo

      I was completely shocked that he admitted to having no game plan. I’ve never ever heard a coach actually say that like he did after the game.

      • Matthew Moreno

        I think he’s reeling right now. Entering the season, his seat was already hot, now it’s scalding and he doesn’t appear to have a clue on what to do

        • dodgerwcp

          I am disappointed that this has gone on for years. He has been a horrible play caller even when he had a game plan. FIRE KIFFIN< FIRE KIFFIN< FIRE KIFFIN!

  • chuck howard

    Kiffin inherited Barkley and you have to admit that Barkley played worse each year he was with Kiffin. This goes to the point that Kiffin is not good at developing QBs and it is hard to believe that either Wittek or Kessler will become even average quarterbacks this season. Compare to what David Shaw did with Kevin Hogan working with him for half the season and then bringing him on midway and now Hogan has yet to lose and has beaten several ranked teams. That Kiffin can’t develop QBs should be the real worry with Trojan fans.

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