Lane Kiffin to Play Both Kessler and Wittek vs. Hawaii, USC Players React

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The Trojans are in the midst of game week preparations for the 2013-2014 season opener against the Hawaii Rainbows, and received major news from head coach Lane Kiffin.

“We’ve made a decision that we anticipate playing both guys in the opening game,” Kiffin said following an intensive conversation and film study with his entire coaching staff.

What Lane Kiffin has ultimately decided follows the path throughout Fall Camp practices and now into game week discussions.

The Trojans will utilize both quarterbacks in the offense, and while no real sense of order or duration has been decided, Kiffin did announce that a starter will be named in Hawaii for the season opening tilt.

“One guy didn’t show himself, as opposed to the other guy,” Kiffin said when comparing Wittek and Kessler. “We are not going to name a starter because we are supposed to.”

Players heard the news this morning before their practice this afternoon from Howard Jones Field, which was closed off to the media and parents. Following the two-hour session, players were quick to mull any real controversy surrounding the announcement.

“I know at the end of the day us as a receiving corp we have to go out there and make plays, regardless of who throws the rock,” said Biletnikoff-Award winner Marqise Lee.

Lee’s sentiment echoed throughout the locker room following practice, as players recognized the importance of coming out strong against Hawaii.

The man who controls the line of scrimmage under center shared his thoughts on working with a two-man crew.

“It’s something that doesn’t bother me,” Marcus Martin says. “Whatever Coach Kiffin decides is best for the team, that is what I am going to do. I have worked with both, and feel like we can win with either one.”

In terms of body of work and performance, Cody Kessler statistically beat out Max Wittek in Fall Camp practices. That being said, none can deny that fact that both have taken major strides in their developments, each providing assets that can help the team win.

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  • Fred Valenzuela

    What this indicates is that Kiffen wants Wittek but he has not performed in camp as well as Kesseler. He is looking for a way to make Wittek the starter but the stats do not support such a decision. He is hoping that Kesseler cannot perform against Hawaii then he can justify naming Wittek the starter

    • Michael Castillo

      I think you hit the nail on the head in that he thought Wittek was the guy from the beginning, but I don’t think he actively wants Kessler to fail. I think he wants to be convinced that Kessler is the guy and not his gut feeling.